Jun 16, 2024

15 Advanced settings to make appointment scheduling easier

15 Advanced settings to make appointment scheduling easier

Scheduling appointments can be a time-consuming hassle, both for you and your clients. But what if there was a way to streamline the process, reduce back-and-forth emails, and ensure a smoother experience for everyone involved?

This blog post dives into 15 advanced settings you can leverage in appointment scheduling software like Leadmonk to achieve just that.

1. Booking Restrictions

Easily restrict personal email addresses (like Gmail, and Yahoo), temporary email addresses, and suspected bot emails from scheduling meetings. Make use of a curated list of email domains known to fall under these categories to further restrict bookings.

a screenshot of a computer qualification workflow
Booking restrictions

2. Modify default reschedule and cancel behavior

Customize how far in advance appointments can be rescheduled or canceled. This helps you manage your time effectively. By default appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled before the start of appointment. However you can customize this as per your requirement. Here is the help page on this.

3. Give multiple duration options to your invitees

Give multiple appointment duration options to your invitees to let them specify their preference at the time of appointment booking. You can specify up to 8 unique durations in an event type. Offer your clients a choice of appointment lengths during the booking process. This caters to different needs and avoids unnecessary back-and-forth communication. Check this help page to know more.

4. Give yourself some time between appointments

If you want to avoid back-to-back meetings, add buffer time before or after your appointments in Leadmonk. Buffers are extra time that can be added before and/or after an appointment. This can be helpful if you want extra time to prepare before a meeting or post-appointment work. The buffer time before or after any appointment will be marked as busy, so people can't book your time then. This means you can prep for the next appointment...or just get some coffee. Buffers are appointment type-specific so you can tweak and optimize buffer settings for each of your appointment types. Check this help page to know more.

Buffer time

5. Limit the number of appointments per day

You will need some concentrated work from time to time, so you may want to limit the number of appointments you schedule every day. To accomplish this, set up the appointment limit as shown below. You can specify a number in the below-specified field and it will no longer be possible for your day to have any more than that number of appointments using that appointment type. You can also set this limit at the Leadmonk user account level to be applicable across the appointment types. Check this help page to know more.

Limit appointments per day at meeting type level
Limit appointments across the meeting types

6. Set Lead time to avoid last-minute bookings

Lead time indicates how far in advance of the start time your customers can book appointments with you. Specify Leadtime to avoid last-minute bookings.

Lead time to book appointments

7. Specify the date range your clients can book appointments with you

Specify the date range within which clients can book appointments. This could be a rolling window for a set number of days in the future, a specific date range, or an indefinite future window. For the field “Date Range invitees can schedule”, choose:

  • A number of days into the future and specify the number of Calendar days into the future they can book. Then Leadmonk will show availability only for those number of days into the future. It’s a rolling number.
  • Within a date range, then select the box to choose a specific range of dates on the calendar. Then Leadmonk will show availability only within that date range.
  • Indefinitely into the future, to allow others to book time any time in the future.
Date range to show the availability on the booking page

8. Default the time zone and ISD code on appointment booking page

Leadmonk automatically detects your time zone as well as the time zone of the invitee, so you don't need to adjust it yourself! If you are meeting in person, we recommend locking the time zone to the location of the event.

Leadmonk automatically detects invitee country code to capture mobile number at the time of appointment booking. You can also set this ISD code to a specific country if you are going to get customers from that country only.

9. Adjust the start times for an appointment

Start time increments are fixed and are only available up to every 120 minutes. If you need to set specific available start times, we suggest you set intervals or time frames when you are available to take an appointment. Specify the value for the field ‘Show Availability in increments of’. This value indicates the frequency of available slots for invitees.

Time increments

10. Let invitees add additional guests while booking the appointment

By switching on the highlighted flag, you can let invitees add additional guests while booking an appointment with you.

Add guests

11. Make your entire appointment lifecycle a breeze with the workflows

  • Workflow in Leadmonk is automation triggered throughout the appointment lifecycle, from the time an appointment is scheduled through your follow-up with attendees. This can save you a lot of time and energy, and it can also help you avoid mistakes.
  • You can customize both SMS and Email notification templates.
  • Do not forget to add text message reminders to the workflow if you are allowing your invitees to book appointments using just the mobile number.
  • If you are going to give the flexibility to your invitees to book appointments using their mobile number or email address, then add both email and text message reminders to the workflow. Then if your invitee books an appointment using an email address, then email reminders will trigger. Else, text message reminders will be sent to the invitee.

Check this help page to know more.

12. Modify the default CRM integration behavior at Meeting type level

By default global CRM integration settings are followed while updating meeting details in the CRM. However you can modify this behavior at meeting type level as well.

For e.g.: if you don't want recruitment related meeting types update CRM, then you can enable this switch and turn off all CRM updates. You can make one meeting type to create account, contact, and opportunity in Salesforce as part of appointment updates and another meeting type create leads in Salesforce as part of appointments update.

13. Vacation details update

Admins can manage team member availability for vacations or unavailability. Individual team members can also update their own schedules.

14. Availability profile management

Create different availability profiles for various meeting types (interviews, client calls, conferences) with specific timeframes, days, and time zones. This allows for more tailored scheduling options. Then assign an availability profile to a meeting type.

15. Branding Theme for your booking page

There are 2 booking page design themes are provided in Leadmonk.

  1. Minimal Theme - If you prefer classic booking page design theme without social media links and banner, select this option.
  2. Professional Theme - If you prefer to showcase modern booking page design theme to your invitees with banner, social media links, then choose this.

Minimal Theme Settings

Here you can change background, button and text colors as shown below. Once you make the changes, save the settings.

Booking and scheduling pages as per minimal booking design theme:

Professional Theme Settings

Here either you can upload the banner (similar to LinkedIn banner) or specify a solid color to fill in the banner space. You can also specify button color.

Here you can specify your designation or title (similar to your LinkedIn profile) which will appear right below your profile image. You can also specify additional info (if required) which appears in the 2nd line below your profile image in the booking page.

You can update social media links such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google Business Profile

You can also update your contact details such as

  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • WhatsApp Number

When your invitee clicks on any of these social media icons on your booking page, it opens that relevant social media page in the new tab. Similarly when your invitee clicks on your email icon, it opens default email app with pre-populated email address to send an email. When your invitee clicks on contact number icon, it opens default app to call that number. In mobile device, number gets copied to calling app to make the call easily. When your invitee clicks on WhatsApp icon, it opens Web WhatsApp or WhatsApp app to send a message to that number. You can update upto 8 social media/contact related info in any order of your preference.

Once you make the changes, save the settings. Your booking and scheduling pages as per professional theme are shown below.

By implementing these advanced settings, you can transform appointment scheduling from a chore into a seamless and efficient process. You'll save valuable time, improve client communication, and gain better control over your schedule.


By implementing these advanced settings, you can transform appointment scheduling from a chore into a seamless and efficient process. You'll save valuable time, improve client communication, and gain better control over your schedule.

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