Jun 16, 2024

Book appointments on the fly with just a mobile number

Book appointments on the fly with just a mobile number

Booking a meeting on the fly is now easier than ever before! All you need is the mobile number of the person you want to meet with, and you're good to go. No more back-and-forth emailing or coordinating through a third party. This is a huge time saver and makes meeting coordination much simpler.

The most common question I come across is whether mobile-number-based appointment scheduling is beneficial for B2B sales. When we hear mobile-number-based appointment scheduling, the first thing that comes to our mind is the scheduled occasion with a practitioner or the barber.

Using a mobile phone number as a key customer identifier and allowing clients to book appointments using just a mobile number can provide a hassle-free scheduling experience for local businesses such as real estate agents, doctors, dentists, and lawyers. In the mobile-first business world, a mobile phone number has come to be widely accepted as a mode of customer identification, as most people have a mobile phone and are familiar with using it to communicate and access information. Additionally, using a mobile phone number allows businesses to communicate with customers via text message or phone call, which may be more convenient and efficient than using email.

For local businesses, using a mobile phone number for appointment booking can provide a number of benefits. For example, it can make it easier for customers to schedule appointments, as they can do so using their mobile phone without having to enter additional information or create an account. It can also make it easier for businesses to manage and confirm appointments, as they can use the mobile phone number to identify customers and send reminders or updates. Additionally, using a mobile phone number can help businesses provide a more personalized and convenient experience for their clients, as they can use the number to communicate directly with customers and tailor their appointments to their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, using a mobile phone number for appointment booking can provide a hassle-free scheduling experience for local businesses and their clients. By offering this option, businesses can make it easier and more convenient for customers to schedule appointments and can improve their overall appointment management process.

Even if your customer books a meeting using his mobile number, a meeting will automatically be created in your connected calendar (Google Outlook) in Leadmonk. This is to ensure double booking does not happen and your appointment history is saved in your calendar.

Below are a couple of B2B Sales use cases where mobile number-based appointment scheduling comes in handy.

Use Case 1: Speed to Lead - Easily schedule appointments without needing a customer's email

Last month I got a Lead from one of my connections. Lead is a vice president at a consulting firm. I sent a text message to him introducing myself and asking for his availability to speak to him for 10min on Leadmonk. He responded to my message with the date and time which was 2 days later date.

I had his mobile number but not his email address. So, I immediately scheduled an appointment for the given time slot by specifying his mobile number. An appointment notification was sent as a text message to the lead. That notification message acted as a soft commitment from him for the call. Speed matters. Fast Response Times = Higher Conversion Rates. Moving fast helps you stay ahead of your competition because if you’re not moving fast enough, someone else will.

Just like us, our customers also have all sorts of distractions going on in their lives. A friendly reminder never hurt anyone and is the easiest way to reduce no-shows on appointment day. He got an automated text message reminder 30min prior to the appointment that helped him to recall my earlier interaction. When I called the customer on the agreed date and time, he did not get surprised, and we had a fruitful discussion and were able to set up a follow-up meeting.

Use Case 2: Make Appointments Faster With Leadmonk

A week ago I got a lead from one of my connections. Lead is the head of sales at a SaaS startup. I quickly sent a text message to the lead asking for his availability to speak to him for 10 minutes on Leadmonk. He said he would check his schedule the following week and get in touch. So, I replied to his text message by sharing my appointment scheduling link requesting him to book his preferred time at his convenience to have the call.

That day evening around 7 PM, I got a notification saying the customer has scheduled an appointment for Tuesday at 12 PM the following week.

He had booked the appointment using his mobile number. It was possible he didn't want to share his work email address prior to qualifying me during the call.  The customer received a 30-minute automated SMS reminder before the start of the meeting prompting him to recall our previous communication and join the call at the scheduled time via the Google Meet link from the reminder message.

The simplicity of scheduling an appointment using a mobile number or email address reduced the booking friction for our customers. The scheduling process as a whole was quite a live demonstration of the benefits of Leadmonk to the customer.

Use Case 3: Business Lunch meetings

Over the years, studies have shown that people are more likely to do business with people they like. One of the ways to increase your likeability is to allow your clients to get to know you over a business lunch. Clients feel less pressured and more open to hearing about how your company could be of benefit to them. Check with the client on business lunch over a call/message/in person. Allow the client to choose the restaurant.

We generally do not send calendar invites for the lunch meeting to the client since they are likely not to be happy with this addition to their work calendar for various reasons. To make the process easier, you may book appointments using your client's cell phone number with the place and time details so that he gets a notification and reminders on his mobile. The client can add the appointment to his preferred calendar, if necessary, from the text notification. Alternatively, you can send the client a booking link requesting them to fill out the time and location details to make the scheduling process smoother.

Use Case 4: Freedom from "email-only" appointments

Primarily, most of us use calendars to handle work appointments. Very few use them for personal use, as well. As you know, your phone number is the primary way you remain in contact with your friends, and past colleagues.

If any of your contacts reach you whenever you are busy or speaking at a gathering, you can text them back sharing your booking link that allows them to book time easily using their mobile number. This will make it effortless for your connections to schedule a sit-down with you by eliminating the need to exchange several messages back and forth. You could connect your non-work-related booking link to your personal calendar so that events are created there every time an appointment is scheduled.

If you want to have a meetup planned with friends and former colleagues, it's easy to add group meeting details on your digital calendar with the help of convenient mobile number-based group event booking. This allows you to always have access to this crucial data when needed and also for reminders.

In conclusion, the flexibility to book an appointment using a mobile number or email address without the back and forth reduced the booking friction for the invitees. The whole process of appointment scheduling itself was much smoother and easier for the invitees. This is a great way to reduce booking friction and make the process much simpler for everyone involved.

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