May 11, 2024

52 Zoom Etiquettes, Tips, and Tricks for Better Zoom Meetings

52 Zoom Etiquettes, Tips, and Tricks for Better Zoom Meetings

Welcome to the world of virtual meetings, where face-to-face interactions have transitioned into online gatherings. With the rise of video conferencing platforms like Zoom, we have witnessed a transformation in the way we connect and collaborate. However, as with any form of communication, there are certain etiquettes and norms that we must adhere to in order to make our virtual meetings more effective and professional.

In this blog, we will explore the realm of Zoom etiquette and delve into the rules that can elevate your online meetings to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned professional, a student attending virtual classes, or someone simply looking to improve their virtual communication skills, this guide is designed to help you navigate the virtual landscape with confidence and finesse.

We understand that the virtual world can sometimes feel detached and impersonal, but by mastering Zoom etiquette, you can bridge the gap and create meaningful connections in the digital realm. From how you present yourself visually to how you engage with others during a virtual meeting, each aspect plays a significant role in leaving a lasting impression and ensuring effective communication.

Join us as we unlock the secrets to successful Zoom meetings. Discover the power of a professional appearance, the art of active listening, and the nuances of non-verbal communication in a virtual setting. Through a series of ten essential rules, we will guide you on a journey toward becoming a Zoom etiquette expert.

So, whether you're a Zoom enthusiast or just getting started, get ready to enhance your virtual presence, engage with confidence, and make your mark in the world of online meetings. Let's dive into the world of Zoom etiquette and uncover the rules that will revolutionize your virtual interactions.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of Zoom etiquettes, tips, and tricks to make your online interactions a success.

Zoom Meeting Etiquettes for Meeting Participants

1. Dress to impress, even online

Just because you're attending a virtual meeting doesn't mean you should overlook your appearance. Dressing professionally not only shows respect for the occasion but also helps you feel more focused and confident. Remember, the way you present yourself matters, even through a computer screen.

2. Arrive on time

This is basic Zoom etiquette, but it's worth repeating. Showing up late for a meeting is disrespectful to the other participants, and it can disrupt the flow of the conversation.

3. Test your tech beforehand

Avoid last-minute technical glitches by conducting a quick tech check before joining any Zoom meeting. Test your camera, microphone, and internet connection to ensure they're working properly. This step will save you from unnecessary stress and delays and allow you to start the meeting on time.

4. Choose an appropriate background

Your Zoom background sets the tone for the meeting. Opt for a tidy and professional background or use a virtual background that doesn't distract or compromise your credibility. Remove any clutter or personal items that may be visible. Remember, a clean and neutral background keeps the focus on you and the meeting content.

5. Mute yourself when not speaking

Background noise can be disruptive and hinder effective communication. Make sure to mute your microphone when you're not speaking to minimize distractions. This small act of consideration enhances the overall audio quality and allows everyone to focus on the speaker.

6. Turn on your video

This is another basic rule, but it's important for building rapport and connection with the other participants. When you're on video, it's easier to read body language and facial expressions, which can help you better understand what's being said.

7. Maintain proper eye contact

During an in-person conversation, eye contact plays a crucial role in building rapport and establishing trust. While it's challenging to maintain eye contact in virtual meetings, make an effort to look directly into the camera when speaking or listening. This practice helps create a sense of connection and engagement with the participants.

8. Introduce yourself and everyone at the start of the meeting

As the host of a meeting, it is your responsibility to get the meeting started and to make sure that everyone is familiar with each other. If some of the participants do not know each other, you should take the lead in introducing them. This will help to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

9. Notify others when you want to speak

Zoom's "raise your hand" feature is a great way to avoid the chaos of multiple people talking at once. When you want to speak, simply raise your hand and the host will see that you have something to say. This will help to ensure that everyone gets a chance to contribute to the conversation and that your ideas are heard.

10. Use non-verbal cues appropriately

In a physical meeting, you can rely on non-verbal cues like nodding, smiling, or hand gestures to indicate your agreement or understanding. Utilize the virtual equivalents in Zoom, such as the "thumbs up" or "applause" reaction buttons, to express your reactions and actively participate without interrupting the speaker.

11. Be mindful of your speaking pace

Due to potential delays and audio quality issues, it's important to speak clearly and at a moderate pace during Zoom meetings. Enunciate your words and allow for pauses, which give others a chance to process information and contribute to the discussion. This way, everyone can follow the conversation more effectively.

12. Engage actively and respectfully

Engagement is key to productive Zoom meetings. Actively participate by asking relevant questions, sharing insights, and providing constructive feedback. Practice active listening and respect others' opinions by refraining from interrupting or speaking over someone. Foster a collaborative atmosphere that encourages open dialogue and knowledge sharing.

13. Minimize multitasking

While it may be tempting to catch up on emails or browse the web during a Zoom meeting, it's essential to focus solely on the meeting at hand. Minimize distractions by closing unnecessary applications and silencing your phone. Show respect to the speaker and other participants by giving your undivided attention.

14. Use the chat feature

The chat feature can be a great way to share information or ask questions during a Zoom meeting. However, it's important to use it sparingly so that you don't disrupt the flow of the conversation.

Test your audio and video before the meeting. This will help to ensure that you're able to participate in the meeting without any problems.

15. Pause regularly when speaking

It is important to pause regularly when speaking on Zoom calls, even if it feels unnatural at first. This is because there may be lag time between when you speak and when other participants hear you. Pausing will help to ensure that everyone is caught up and that no information is lost.

16. Don't eat while on call

Eating during Zoom calls is generally considered to be unprofessional and disruptive. Even if your camera is off, other participants may still be able to hear you chewing or swallowing. If you need to eat during a call, it is best to mute your microphone and step away from the camera.

17. Don't treat the camera as a mirror

It is important to focus on the conversation during Zoom calls, not on your appearance. If you find yourself checking your hair or makeup, take a moment to step away from the camera. The camera is not a mirror, but a tool for connecting with other participants.

18. Prepare all materials in advance

If you are going to be presenting on a Zoom call, it is important to prepare all of your materials in advance. This includes opening any documents or spreadsheets that you will need to share. You should also make sure that your internet connection is stable and that you have a quiet place to take the call.

19. End the meeting on time

This is another basic rule of Zoom etiquette, but it's important to respect the other participants' time. If you need to continue the conversation, be sure to schedule a follow-up meeting.

20. End on a positive note

Wrap up Zoom meetings on a positive and professional note. Thank the host and fellow participants for their time and contributions. Summarize any key takeaways and action items to ensure everyone is on the same page. Follow up with any necessary documents or additional information promptly to maintain the momentum generated during the meeting.

21. Follow up after the meeting

This is a great way to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that any action items have been assigned. You can also use this opportunity to thank the participants for their time.

22. Document your Zoom etiquette and distribute it across the organization

If you have specific Zoom etiquette guidelines that you would like other participants to follow, you can create a document and distribute it across the organization. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that meetings run smoothly.

Zoom Meeting Etiquettes for Meeting Hosts

1. Keep your Zoom meetings private

Only give the meeting join link or meeting ID to the people who need to be in the meeting. You can also set an additional access password for an extra layer of security.

2. Only invite people who need to be at the meeting

Too many people in a meeting can lead to distractions and inefficiency. Only invite the people who are essential to the meeting.

3. Set an agenda and share it with participants in advance

This will help to keep the meeting on track and prevent people from going off on tangents.

4. Establish ground rules at the beginning of the meeting

This could include things like whether or not participants should ask questions during a presentation, whether they should stay on mute when they're not talking, and how the chat should be used.

5. Control the meeting

If someone is disruptive, mute them or remove them from the meeting. You should also use your controls to allow screen sharing for attendees when possible.

6. Take breaks

If your meeting is going to be long, take a short break every 20-30 minutes to give participants a chance to stretch, use the bathroom, and get a drink of water. This will help to keep them engaged and focused.

24 Zoom Tips and Tricks

Here are 24 Zoom tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your video conferencing experience:

1. Change Your Zoom Background

Give your virtual meetings a fresh look by changing your Zoom background. Whether you want to feel like you're at the beach, in outer space, or anywhere else, you can easily do it. Simply go to Settings > Virtual Background, select or upload the image you desire, and ensure your system meets the requirements.

2. Modify Your Zoom Name

You have the flexibility to change how your name appears in Zoom meetings, whether temporarily or permanently. For a temporary change during a meeting, click on the Participants button, hover over your name, click More > Rename, and type the desired name. For a permanent change, log in to your Zoom web portal, click Profile, and then click Edit to change your Display Name. Your new name will apply to all future meetings.

3. Add a Profile Picture to Your Zoom Account

Personalize your Zoom experience by adding a profile picture. For individual meetings, click on the Participants button, hover over your name, click More > Add profile picture, and select the image you want. For a permanent profile picture, access your Zoom web portal, click Profile, click Edit, and under the empty photo icon, click Change > Upload to set your picture.

4. Mute your audio and turn off your camera by default

Default Mute Audio and Camera Avoid the hassle of muting audio and turning off your camera manually by setting them to default off. Just go to Settings > Audio > Mute microphone when joining a meeting, and Settings > Video > Turn off my video when joining a meeting.

5. Mute and Unmute Using the Space Bar

Quickly mute and unmute your microphone during a meeting by pressing and holding the space bar on your keyboard.

6. Enhance Your Appearance with the Beauty Filter

Zoom's Touch Up My Appearance feature can give you a fresh and well-rested look. To turn it on, click the up arrow next to Start Video, select Video Settings, and check the box for Touch Up My Appearance.

7. Ensure Privacy with a Waiting Room

Prevent unwanted guests from joining your meeting by enabling the Waiting Room feature. This allows you to see who's attempting to join before granting access. Go to Account Management > Account Settings, click on Meeting, and enable Waiting Room.

8. Facilitate Small Group Discussions with Breakout Rooms

Make your large Zoom meetings more interactive by creating up to 100 breakout rooms for smaller group discussions. As the host, go to More > Breakout Rooms, and you can assign participants automatically or manually to different rooms.

9. Share Your Screen During Meetings

Share your screen to collaborate with others or watch a movie together by clicking the Share screen icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the meeting screen.

10. React with emoji onscreen

Emoji Reactions Even when muted, you can communicate with emoji reactions during meetings. Click the Reactions tab at the bottom of the meeting screen to choose from various emojis.

11. Master Zoom with Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom offers numerous keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation on your desktop. Access commands for joining a meeting, recording, entering full screen, and more. Check out Zoom's full list of hot keys and keyboard shortcuts.

12. Optimize Your View with Gallery Mode

View all meeting participants simultaneously in Gallery mode. Click the Gallery View tab in the top right corner to see everyone's screen at once.

13. Immerse Yourself with Zoom's Immersive View

As a host, enable Immersive View to place yourself and your participants in the same virtual background. Click Immersive View and choose a provided scene or upload your own.

14. Hide nonvideo participants

Hide Non-Video Participants Reduce visual distractions during larger calls by hiding participants who aren't using video. Go to Settings > Video > Meetings and select Hide non-video participants.

15. Highlight with the Vanishing Pen

Use Zoom's vanishing pen feature to draw on shared screens without worrying about erasing your markings later. Click Annotate, choose Spotlight, and select Vanishing Pen.

16. Record Meetings Locally or to the Cloud

Both free and paid Zoom users can record meetings to their computers using the desktop app. Paid subscribers can also record directly to the cloud. To enable local recording, go to Settings > Recording, and to use cloud recording, click Record at the bottom of the meeting screen.

17. Collaborate with Whiteboard Tool

The Whiteboard feature allows participants to collaborate on a sharable canvas even outside of meetings. Enable Whiteboard by updating to the latest version of Zoom and selecting Whiteboards in the menu screen.

18. Host Large Groups with Paid Plans

For groups larger than 100 people, you'll need a paid professional account. The highest-tier Enterprise Plus plan allows hosting up to 1,000 participants.

19. Manage Chat Settings

As a meeting host, you can control chat settings to prevent distractions. You can turn off chat completely or limit participants' ability to send messages to hosts and co-hosts only.

20. Enable Live Transcripts for Captions

Make meetings more accessible with live captions. Click Live Captions at the bottom of the screen and select the method you prefer.

21. Reduce Eye Strain with Dark Mode

Turn on dark mode to reduce eye strain during long work sessions. Click your profile icon and choose Light, Dark, or Use System Setting.

22. Change emoji reaction skin tones

Personalize emoji reactions by changing the default yellow tone. Click your profile icon, choose the skin tone you prefer, and the changes will be saved.

23. Use a fun avatar

Add a touch of fun to your meetings with avatar filters. Go to Settings > Background & Effects and select Avatars to choose from various animal avatars.

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Mastering Zoom etiquette is crucial for creating a positive and productive virtual meeting environment. By following these 52 rules, tips, and tricks, you can ensure that your Zoom meetings are more engaging, professional, and successful. Remember to dress appropriately, conduct a tech check, and choose an appropriate background. Mute yourself when not speaking, maintain eye contact, and utilize non-verbal cues effectively. Speak clearly and at a moderate pace, actively engage with respect, and minimize multitasking. Finally, end your meetings on a positive note by expressing gratitude and summarizing key points.

So, the next time you log into a Zoom meeting, keep these guidelines in mind and watch as your online interactions thrive. Embrace the power of proper Zoom etiquette and elevate your virtual presence to new heights. With a little effort and consideration, you can turn your Zoom meetings into seamless and impactful experiences.

Zoom meetings can be a great way to connect with colleagues and clients. So, relax, enjoy yourself, and make the most of it.

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