The Best Chilipiper Alternative

Leadmonk helps revenue teams convert leads into meetings by qualifying, routing, and scheduling in real-time from anywhere — be it your web form, cold calls, campaigns, and more.

Leadmonk - Perfect chilipiper alternative

Convert leads into meetings
instantly, anywhere, from any source

Enable Prospects to Self-Qualify!

Build a qualification track and let prospects self-qualify to reduce junk meetings, increase qualified meetings, and capture all the insights you need without hurting conversion.

Reduce junk meetings by 50% and increase qualified meetings by 35%.

Qualify inbound leads without relying on SDRs or BDRs. Lead to demo in zero touch points.

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Real-Time Lead Routing

Instantly route leads based on complex conditions and display a calendar on your website for prospects to book meetings.

Route prospects to the correct sales rep based on their CRM data.

Routing rules can be as simple or advanced as you need.

Scheduling Simplified

Make it easy for your customers to schedule meetings on demand without the back and forth.

Schedule meetings quickly - add Leadmonk to your website, emails, text messages, WhatsApp, or social profiles.

Book Meetings From Your Web Form

Automatically qualify and route leads from your web form and schedule meetings with them.

Forms Integrations

Leadmonk works with your existing HubSpot, and custom web forms.

One Form : Many Forms

Build a routing form in Leadmonk in minutes.
Easy to customize and can be embedded on your website or shared as a link.

One at a time form

Display only one field at a time and make it easy for users out to focus on one piece of information at a time.

Form with email

Step form

Clear and organized step-by-step form layout for a smooth multi-step user experience.

Step form containing names

All-at-once form

One-page form design for filling out all required fields at once.

Book a demo form

Scheduling for any appointment type

One-on-One Appointments

Enable your customers or prospects to schedule time with you at their convenience.​Suitable for: 1:1 Sales calls, 1:1 Interviews, etc.

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Group Appointments

Host multiple invitees and automatically find the best time to meet for webinar or training sessions.​Suitable for: Webinars, Training sessions, online classes, etc.

Multi-host Appointments

Enable your customer to book an appointment with several of your team members at one time. ​Appointment slots are shown only when all team members (all hosts) are available.​​

Suitable for: Product demos, Panel interviews, Group sales calls.

Round Robin Appointments

Pool the availability of all team members and automatically distribute new meetings to team members.

Offer more availability to customers while managing your team’s workload more effectively.

Suitable for sales calls, support calls, and client onboarding.

Leadmonk: Lead conversion that's as affordable as it is effective.

Get the features you need without breaking the bank

Sales team size
Monthly form submissions
Cost Saved
Chili piper
Chili piper
How is this calculated ?
Per seat annual subscription fee - $360 for Form concierge
The platform fee is charged based on the number of form submissions per month.
Minimum license requirements apply for Instant Booker, Handoff, and Distro.

Leadmonk is the perfect Chilipiper alternative with several unique features.

Forever FREE plan
Unlimited appointments (for FREE)
Inbound Lead Qualification
Lead Routing
Routing Form
Multiple form types are supported (One-at-a-time, Step form, All-at-once)
Basic form support only
Custom form integrations (HubSpot, Custom web forms)
Appointment Booking using Invitee's email address
Appointment Booking using Invitee's mobile number
One to one and Group appointment scheduling
Multiple Duration Options on booking page
Connect multiple calendars
You can connect up to 6 calendars and can take bookings to any of these calendars
You can connect 1 calendar only
Google Calendar and Google Meet integration
Outlook Calendar, Office365 Calendar, and MS Teams Integration
Zoom integration
Website Embed
Automatic reminders and booking notifications - Email
Automatic reminders and booking notifications - Text message
SMS + WhatsApp notifications
SMS reminders support only through own twilio number integration.
Multi-host (Collective) and Round Robin meetings
Meeting type as a standalone calendar for free/busy availability check (Useful to manage resources or employees without connecting multiple calendars)
Package feature - multi-appointment bundles
Collect payments using Stripe and PayPal
Webhooks / Zapier integration
Salesforce, & HubSpot Integration
Real-time email verification
Workflows and Email/SMS template customizations
Booking page theme
Modern style booking page theme - One can add social media links, contact details, and a banner to the booking page.
Minimal style booking page style - No provision to add contact details or social media links or banner to it.
Custom Branding - Custom Domain, Branded emails (SMTP integration), and Branded SMS messages (Twilio integration)
Annual Plan
Essentials Plan: $12/user/month Advanced: $30/user/month
Instant booker: $15, Handoff: $25, Form Concierge: $30, Distro: $30. Platform fee is there for the number of inbound leads processing.
Platform fee
No fees other than the subscription plans.
The platform fee is determined by how many inbound leads are submitted each month. Upto 100 is $150. Upto 1000 is $400. More than 1000 is $1000.
Minimum License Requirements
No minimum license requirements.
Below is the minimum license requirement:
  • Distro: 5 users (annually) / 4 users (monthly)
  • Handoff: 4 users (annually) / 3 users (monthly)
  • Instant Booker: 7 users (annually) / 5 users (monthly)

Powerful features to help you close sales faster

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Booking flexibility

Your customers can book appointments using their email address or mobile number without the back and forth.

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Reminders Flexibility

Your customers can choose between SMS and WhatsApp to receive appointment reminders

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Easy of use

Get up and running in less than 2 mins - quick account setup, professional looks, and mobile friendly application.

Double your inbound conversion using Leadmonk

Free for 14 days
No credit card required
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