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Convert leads into meetings
instantly, anywhere, from any source

Instant Lead Qualification

Build a real-time lead qualification track that assesses leads based on their self-provided information and enriched data.

Reduce junk meetings by 90% and increase qualified meetings by 35%.

Qualify inbound leads without relying on SDRs or BDRs. Lead to demo in zero touch points.

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Real-Time Lead Routing

Route and assign leads to the right sales reps, at the right time using round-robin, account-based, or territory-based distribution.

Route leads quickly and accurately from all GTM channels including inbound, outbound, account-based, etc.

Scheduling Simplified

Make it easy for your customers to schedule meetings on demand without the back and forth.

Schedule meetings quickly - add Leadmonk to your website, emails, text messages, WhatsApp, or social profiles.

Book Meetings From Your Web Form

Automatically qualify and route leads from your web form and schedule meetings with them.

Forms Integrations

Leadmonk works with your existing HubSpot, Marketo, and custom web forms.

Optimize Your Outbound Reach

Automate lead handoff and scheduling to close more deals, faster.
Route and schedule outbound leads in seconds.

Handoff Leads Like a Pro

Automate lead routing and scheduling for lightning-fast handoffs across your entire sales funnel.

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Weight your leads

Want to prioritize certain leads? No problem. Customize your routing based on lead criteria, so you can get the right leads to the right reps.

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Ditch the Spreadsheet, for Good

Stop wasting time with manual lead routing. Leadmonk ensures every rep gets the same number of meetings—even when cancellations and no-shows happen.

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Flexibility that fits your team

Customize routing to match the team's strengths and priorities, sending fewer leads to new reps and warm prospects to your top performers.

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Route and Schedule in Seconds

SDRs can book meetings for AEs from anywhere, with just a few clicks. No more back-and-forth emails or scheduling conflicts.

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Optimize conversions, everywhere

Automate lead routing and scheduling across the entire funnel to boost conversions and close more deals.

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Accelerate Speed-to-Lead

Generate more sales-qualified leads and instantly connect them to the right sales rep.

Drive pipeline from marketing campaigns

Use smart booking links in nurture campaigns, customer newsletters, or product announcements to allow your target audience to book a meeting instantly with the right rep.

Form with email

Real-time Email Verification

Ensure high-quality lead data with Leadmonk's real-time email verification, eliminating invalid, disposable, personal, and temporary email addresses from your lead capture forms.

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Reduce no-shows

Reduce no-shows and keep appointments top of mind with email, SMS, and WhatsApp reminders to your clients.

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Data-Driven Insights to Fuel Your Success

Track meeting conversions, distribution, and outcomes to identify friction points and take action to improve efficiency.

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Scheduling for any appointment type


Enable your customers or prospects to schedule time with you at their convenience.​Suitable for: 1:1 Sales calls, 1:1 Interviews, etc.

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Group Appointments

Host multiple invitees and automatically find the best time to meet for webinar or training sessions.​Suitable for: Webinars, Training sessions, online classes, etc.

Collective Appointments

Enable your customer to book an appointment with several of your team members at one time. ​Appointment slots are shown only when all team members (all hosts) are available.​​

Suitable for: Product demos, Panel interviews, Group sales calls.

Round Robin Appointments

Distribute incoming meetings fairly using round robin, prioritizing availability, or with equal weight or a weighted average.

Suitable for sales calls, support calls, and client onboarding.

Powerful features to help you close sales faster

Custom forms integration

Leadmonk works with your existing HubSpot, Marketo, and custom web forms.

Reminders Flexibility

Your customers can choose between SMS and WhatsApp to receive appointment reminders

Lead-to-account matching

Automate lead and customer routing to sales reps based on CRM account ownership.

Booking flexibility

Your customers can book appointments using their email address or mobile number without the back and forth.

Custom branding

Minimal and Professional Booking page themes to enhance your online presence.

Connect multiple calendars

Not only you can connect up to 6 calendars to your account, but also you can manage appointments in all these calendars.

Easy of use

Get up and running in less than 2 mins - quick account setup, Professional looks, and mobile friendly application.

Easy Repeat Business with Packages

Sell consulting or coaching packages, no matter how complex they are.

Get the meetings you want and when you want them

Present your preferred availability, set a lead time, add a buffer time before or after the appointment, and limit the number of appointments per day or month.

Add times to email

Easily share your available times in an email, making it convenient for your customers to select suitable meeting slots.

Easy Reschedule or Cancel

As the mobile number is fast becoming a user identity in the digital world, enable your customers to book appointments using just their mobile number.

Real-time email verification

Ensure high-quality lead data with Leadmonk's real-time email verification, which eliminates invalid, disposable, personal, and temporary email addresses from your lead capture forms.

Website Embed​

Embed your booking page on your website to let your clients book directly from your webpage.

Multiple Duration Options

Give multiple appointment duration options to your invitees to let them specify their preference at the time of appointment booking.

Automatic time zone detection

Turn on automatic time zone detection and your customers will see the booking page in their time zone.

Visibility of all team members’ bookings

The org owner and admin have access to all team members’ bookings.

User roles and permissions

Make use of roles such as Owner, Admin, Team admin, and User for better segregation of duties.

Org-level branding and workflow

With org-level branding and workflow, enforce best practices and provide consistent customer experiences across the organization.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics with Leadmonk to get valuable insights into how your clients engage with your booking page.

UTM Parameters

Add UTM parameters to your booking links to track conversions directly within Leadmonk.

URL Parameters

You can pre-populate the booking page form with invitee information using URL parameters.

Custom Domain

Let your customers access your booking page using your own domain.

Branded SMS notifications

Send automatic confirmation and reminder SMS notifications from your business's own Twilio phone number with your branding highlighted.

Branded notification emails​

Send automatic confirmation and reminder email notifications from your business's own domain to keep customers informed, with your branding highlighted.

Leadmonk is the perfect Google Appointment Scheduler alternative with several unique features.

Inbound Lead Qualification
Lead Routing
Lead-to-account matching
Routing Form
Multiple form types are supported (One-at-a-time, Step form, All-at-once)
Custom form integrations (HubSpot, Marketo, Webform)
Real-time email verification
Round robin - Weighted average algorithm
Round robin - optimize for availability algorithm
Meeting Allocation Calibration
(no shows/cancellations/vacations/manager overrides)
Hand-off leads across the sales funnel
Instant scheduler for cross-rep scheduling
Multiple Duration Options on booking page
Meeting caps per user: Daily, Monthly, and Event type breakdown.
One-on-one, Group and Multi-host (Collective) appointment scheduling
One-on-one appointment scheduling only
CRM Ownership Routing - HubSpot and Salesforce
Appointment Booking using Invitee's mobile number
Connect multiple calendars
You can connect up to 6 calendars and can take bookings to any of these calendars
You can connect only one Google/GSuite calendar
Google Calendar and Google Meet integration
Outlook Calendar, Office365 Calendar, and MS Teams Integration
Zoom integration
Website Embed
Automatic reminders and booking notifications - Email
Automatic reminders and booking notifications - Text message
SMS + WhatsApp notifications
Event type as a standalone calendar for free/busy availability check (Useful to manage resources or employees without connecting multiple calendars)
Package feature - multi-appointment bundles
Collect payments using Stripe and PayPal
Webhooks / Zapier integration
Salesforce, HubSpot & Zoho CRM Integration
Workflows and Email/SMS template customizations
Booking page theme
Modern style booking page theme - One can add social media links, contact details, and a banner to the booking page.
Minimal style booking page theme - No provision to add contact details or social media links or banner to it.
Custom Branding
  • Custom Domain
  • Branded emails (SMTP integration)
  • Branded SMS messages (Twilio integration)
Annual Plan
Essentials: $12/user/month
Advanced: $30/user/month
Premier: $45/user/month
Paid Google Workspace plan required

What our clients say

David Jones
Jade Underwood
Snr. BDR @ Carbon Chain

Leadmonk has helped save a lot of time for all inbounds we get from our website - reducing the pressure on my team to constantly have to manually follow up with leads. It has increased the amount of meetings booked since before we used Leadmonk. But for me, the best part of Leadmonk is the support you receive. Very hands-on, quick response rates, and always keen to help you out!

David Jones
Robert Crayton
GTM Head @

I like the platform's simplicity and that it just works as expected. Creating custom routing rules and integrating with Salesforce makes it incredibly versatile. It's intuitive and easy to use. The customer support and the velocity of new features have been amazing.

Maneck Debara
Nancy Soto
Marketing Manager @

The Leadmonk team helps with every use case - they find a solution to improve qualifying leads, sync data to other marketing tools and capture leads. This is perfect for startups looking for a tool that is simple to use for lead form capturing. Onboarding was an ease.

Maneck Debara
Taru Hakkarainen
Head of Marketing @

It's solid software with the possibility to prioritize who takes the meeting. They also have a good HubSpot integration. Their customer support is 10/10, they went above and beyond to resolve some tracking issues and wishes I had. Leadmonk has been easy to set up and share throughout the organization

Shannon Semenikow
Tarcisio Nascimento
Director of Sales - Launch

Leadmonk helps us to capture and distribute appointments between a large number of setters and closers at scale while imposing the necessary rules and limitations across different states and scheduling requirements. The software works seamlessly and fits our needs exactly. The ease of understanding, communication, and usability the Leadmonk team strives for is second to none.

Shannon Semenikow
Maneck Debara

Leadmonk has been a game-changer for us! With their platform, we effortlessly host office hours, schedule mentors, and receive helpful reminders. I would definitely recommend checking out Leadmonk.

Shane Kelly
Shane Kelly
Co-Founder –

Leadmonk has been a great tool that allows our remote and distributed teams to manage our calendars and bookings with ease across a variety of complex use cases.

Narender Singh
Narender Singh
Founder, YCI Canada

I was looking for a scheduling solution for my team that is professional, easy to use, affordable, scalable, has good customer support, can integrate with Microsoft 365 platform with Calendar and MS Teams, and has ability to take paid bookings. Leadmonk was the only tool that checked all boxes for me.

Debo Ogunrinde
Debo Ogunrinde
Founder – Mindbasic Academy

This is a powerful but flexible scheduling tool. It is feature rich and keep getting better with frequent updates. Leadmonk is one of the best scheduling tool and I consider it a one stop shop for all my scheduling needs. I do recommend it over overpriced alternatives.

Drew Donaldson
Drew Donaldson
Founder and CEO, GroHaus

I really needed a straightforward calendar booker that could replace calendly and a bunch of other booking tools. This was just the ticket. The dev team is really engaged and is constantly making improvements, and I love how clients can sign up for a call using only their phone number. over all this is definitely a calendly killer for me.

Get up and running in less than 2 mins

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