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Carbon Chain Boosts Lead Conversion and Saves Time with Leadmonk

Carbon Chain implemented Leadmonk to automate and streamline their lead management process. By integrating with their existing HubSpot forms and Salesforce CRM,

About CarbonChain

CarbonChain's carbon accounting platform enables companies to track, report, and reduce their supply chain emissions, covering the most carbon-intensive industries (metals and mining, agriculture, and manufacturing).

CarbonChain is a CDP-accredited solutions provider, a TCFD supporter, and ResponsibleSteel member. Their carbon accounting methodology is independently verified by Bureau Veritas and validated by SGS.

The Challenge

Carbon Chain, a company dedicated to helping businesses achieve net-zero emissions, faced challenges managing inbound leads effectively. Their previous process relied heavily on manual follow-up, leading to:

  • Time-consuming manual lead qualification and routing: This process put pressure on the team and limited their scalability.
  • Inefficient lead distribution: Leads weren't always directed to the most relevant team member, potentially delaying responses and hindering conversion.
  • Limited data insights: Lacked detailed reports to track lead conversion and optimize their marketing efforts.

How Leadmonk Helped

Carbon Chain implemented Leadmonk to automate and streamline their lead management process. By integrating with their existing HubSpot forms and Salesforce CRM, Leadmonk helped them achieve:

  • Automated lead qualification and routing: Upon submitting the HubSpot form, leads were automatically qualified based on predefined criteria. Qualified leads were then routed to the appropriate regional sales representative, ensuring swift and personalized communication.
  • Seamless Salesforce CRM integration: Leadmonk seamlessly integrated with their existing Salesforce CRM, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring all meeting details and lead records were automatically updated.
  • Smart routing for known leads: Leadmonk intelligently routed known leads directly to their designated owners in Salesforce, saving valuable time and maintaining continuity.
  • Real-time meeting scheduling: When a qualified lead submitted the form, Leadmonk automatically scheduled a meeting with the relevant sales rep, eliminating back-and-forth communication.
  • Automated booking for marketing content downloads: If a user opted to speak with an expert while downloading marketing content, Leadmonk facilitated booking a meeting with the regional expert in real time.
  • Detailed reporting: Leadmonk provided comprehensive reports, allowing Carbon Chain to track lead conversion rates and optimize their marketing strategies.


By implementing Leadmonk, Carbon Chain achieved significant improvements:

  • Reduced time spent on manual follow-up: Leadmonk significantly reduced the time needed for manual lead management, freeing up valuable team resources.
  • Increased meeting bookings: By automating lead routing and nurturing qualified leads, Carbon Chain experienced an increase in booked demos and consultations.
  • Improved lead conversion: Detailed reporting provided valuable insights into their lead conversion funnel, allowing for data-driven optimization of their marketing campaigns.
  • Enhanced customer experience: By connecting leads with regional experts, Leadmonk facilitated a more personalized and efficient customer experience.

Customer Feedback

"Leadmonk itself has helped save a lot of time for all inbounds we get from our website, reducing the pressure on our team to constantly have to manually follow up with leads. It has increased the amount of meetings booked since before we used Leadmonk. But for me, the best part of Leadmonk is the support you receive. Very hands-on, quick response rates, and always keen to help!" said Jade Underwood, Senior Business Development Executive at Carbon Chain.


By implementing Leadmonk, Carbon Chain successfully addressed their lead management challenges and achieved significant improvements in efficiency, conversion rates, and overall customer experience. Leadmonk's automated features, seamless integrations, and exceptional support made it an invaluable tool for Carbon Chain's success.

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