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How Bhive Alts saves hundreds of hours per month and boosts meetings by 25% using Leadmonk

As a result of implementing Leadmonk, BHive Alts has achieved 25% increase in meeting bookings

About BHive Alts

BHIVE is a group of Coworking and FinTech companies focused on commercial real estate.

Bhive Alts is the Fintech arm that has been set up to provide Retail Investors access to Alternative Investments that were initially out of their reach.

These Financial Instruments will be made available through their Technology lead Syndication platform – Bhive Alts.

They have 45,000+ investors on the platform and 1000+ active investments.

The Challenge

BHive Alts was struggling to manage their lead-to-meeting process manually. Their WhatsApp campaigns were generating leads, but it was time-consuming to manually qualify and book meetings with investment experts.

Before Leadmonk, their website did not have the option to book a meeting with an investment expert without the back-and-forth calls or messages. Instead, potential customers had to submit a contact form. This process was time-consuming and inefficient, and BHive Alts was losing leads due to the delay.

They wanted to distribute incoming meetings on a round-robin basis, optimized for expert availability so that customers could book their preferred meeting time and receive reminders by both email and WhatsApp.

They also wanted to update their HubSpot CRM with contacts, meetings history, and deals, and route returning customers to the investment expert who had spoken to them earlier.

To address these challenges, BHive Alts implemented Leadmonk. Now, when a potential investor clicks the "Book a Call" button on a WhatsApp campaign or visits the BHive Alts website and clicks on the "Book a Meeting" button, they are automatically routed to Leadmonk to book a meeting with an available investment expert. Leadmonk also sends email and WhatsApp reminders to both the customer and the expert to ensure that the meeting stays on track.


As a result of implementing Leadmonk, BHive Alts has achieved the following results:

  • 25% increase in meeting bookings
  • Hundreds of hours saved per month by automating the lead-to-meeting process
  • Improved customer experience with on-demand meeting bookings and reminders
  • Increased CRM adoption with real-time sync to HubSpot CRM
  • Full visibility into meeting bookings, assignments, and no-shows for the sales manager

Customer Feedback

"Leadmonk has been a game-changer for our business," said Adithya Pai, the sales manager at BHive Alts. "It has helped us automate our lead-to-meeting process, improve customer experience, increase CRM adoption, and improve sales visibility.

"Before Leadmonk, we were struggling to keep up with the volume of leads we were generating. We were spending hours each day manually qualifying and booking meetings. Now, Leadmonk does all of that for us, freeing up our time to focus on other important tasks.

"Leadmonk has also helped us improve our customer experience. Customers can now book meetings with an expert at their convenience and receive reminders on both email and WhatsApp. This has led to a significant increase in meeting bookings and a decrease in no-shows.

"In addition, Leadmonk's real-time sync with HubSpot CRM has helped us improve our CRM adoption and data accuracy. All of our contacts, meetings, and deals are now up-to-date in HubSpot, which gives us a complete view of our sales pipeline.

"Overall, Leadmonk has been a tremendous asset to our business. It has helped us streamline our lead-to-meeting process, improve customer experience, increase CRM adoption, and improve sales visibility. I highly recommend Leadmonk to any business that wants to automate their lead-to-meeting process and improve their sales results."


BHive Alts is just one example of how Leadmonk is helping businesses automate their lead-to-meeting process and achieve their sales goals. If you're looking for a way to streamline your sales process and improve your customer experience, Leadmonk is the perfect solution for you.

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