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How streamlined their Lead-to-Meeting process with Leadmonk

Outset.AI implemented Leadmonk to address these challenges and streamline their lead-to-meeting process.

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The Challenge

Outset.AI was facing challenges in managing their lead-to-meeting process manually. Their existing system using Calendly was inefficient and lacked key functionalities for tracking metrics, qualifying leads, and routing meetings effectively.

  • Limited visibility into key metrics: They couldn't track the number of leads submitting forms, the number of qualified leads, the number of scheduled meetings, and the number of no-shows.
  • Data accessibility issues: Viewing individual form submission data easily in Calendly was not possible.
  • Integration limitations: They couldn't leverage Calendly's Salesforce integration feature as it was only available on the Enterprise plan, which required a minimum subscription of 30 seats, making it an expensive option for smaller businesses.
  • Lack of lead qualification: They couldn't filter leads with free/temporary email domains and unverified email addresses.
  • Manual routing: Routing leads to the right sales rep and scheduling meetings required manual back-and-forth.
  • No regional preference: They couldn't prioritize demo meeting booking for customers from the US region. sought to implement a lead routing system that would automatically distribute incoming demo requests and inquiries based on company size, research purpose (company vs. client), and research type (B2B vs. B2C).

They were on the lookout for scheduling software that offered a routing form with real-time lead qualification, routing, and scheduling, enabling seamless two-way integration with their Salesforce CRM.

How Leadmonk Helped

Outset.AI implemented Leadmonk to address these challenges and streamline their lead-to-meeting process. Leadmonk provided them with:

  • Instant lead qualification: Leadmonk filtered out leads with free/temporary email domains and unverified email addresses, ensuring only high-quality leads were routed.
  • Automated lead routing: Leadmonk automatically routed leads to the right sales rep based on predefined criteria such as company size, research purpose (company vs. client), and research type (B2B vs. B2C).
  • Streamlined meeting scheduling: Leadmonk eliminated manual back-and-forth, enabling prospects to book meetings directly with available sales reps.
  • Real-time visibility into key metrics: Outset.AI gained insights into lead conversion rates, qualified lead generation, meeting scheduling, and no-show rates.
  • Enhanced data accessibility: Individual form submission data was readily available for analysis.
  • Seamless Salesforce integration: Leadmonk's seamless Salesforce CRM integration streamlined's sales process by automatically creating contacts, updating meeting details, and generating opportunities for new prospects, ensuring that their CRM data remained accurate and up-to-date.


Since implementing Leadmonk, Outset.AI has experienced significant improvements in their lead-to-meeting process:

  • Increased qualified meeting rate: They achieved a 20% increase in qualified meetings.
  • Reduced no-show rate: Their no-show rate decreased by 15%.
  • Improved sales team efficiency: Sales reps spend less time scheduling meetings and more time engaging with qualified prospects.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Prospects can easily book demo meetings at their convenience, leading to a more positive customer experience.

Customer Feedback

"Leadmonk has transformed our lead-to-meeting process. It has helped us automate many of the manual tasks involved in scheduling meetings, freeing up our sales team to focus on what they do best: selling. We've also seen a significant increase in qualified meetings and a decrease in no-shows. Leadmonk is a valuable tool that has helped us improve our overall sales performance. I like the platform's simplicity and that it just works as expected. Creating custom routing rules and integrating with Salesforce makes it incredibly versatile. It's intuitive and easy to use. The customer support and the velocity of new features have been amazing." – Robert Cryton, GTM Manager @

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