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TeamLinkt Scores More Qualified Meetings with Leadmonk

Leadmonk, a scheduling software, helped sports platform TeamLinkt qualify leads, boost conversions by 25%, and reduce no-shows by 30% by integrating with their HubSpot CRM.

About TeamLinkt

TeamLinkt is an all-in-one sports management solution. Sports leagues, associations and clubs use TeamLinkt to improve their registration, website, scheduling and communication. Sports teams use the TeamLinkt mobile app to keep their team organized and connected during the season.

2,500+ leagues, clubs and associations are powered by TeamLinkt.

The Challenge

TeamLinkt, an all-in-one Sports Management Platform, struggled with unqualified leads wasting their sales team's time. Their previous HubSpot appointment booking page allowed anyone to schedule demos, regardless of whether they were a good fit.

TeamLinkt needed a way to:

  • Qualify leads based on specific criteria (number of members, annual registration dollars)
  • Direct unqualified leads to a pre-recorded demo page
  • Distribute qualified leads fairly among sales reps
  • Route returning leads to the appropriate account owner
  • Reduce no-shows for scheduled demos
  • Track key sales funnel metrics

How Leadmonk Helped

TeamLinkt replaced their HubSpot booking page with a HubSpot form connected to a Leadmonk router.

This powerful integration offered several key benefits:

  • Instant Lead Qualification: Leadmonk automatically assessed leads based on TeamLinkt's pre-defined criteria, ensuring only qualified prospects reached their sales team.
  • Smart Routing: Qualified leads were then routed to the appropriate sales rep based on workload or specific expertise. Returning leads were automatically directed to their existing CRM account owner, fostering continuity.
  • Seamless Scheduling: The integration allowed for effortless scheduling of demo meetings, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth communication.
  • Reduced No-Shows: Automated email reminders from Leadmonk helped significantly reduce the number of no-shows, maximizing the sales team's efficiency.
  • Enhanced Data Tracking: TeamLinkt gained valuable insights into their sales funnel with Leadmonk's detailed metrics. They could now track key data like form submissions, qualified leads, meetings scheduled, and no-shows, allowing for data-driven optimization of their sales strategies.


TeamLinkt's adoption of Leadmonk has yielded impressive results:

  • 50% Increase in Qualified Meetings: Lead qualification ensured their sales team spent time with the most promising leads.
  • 25% Boost in Inbound Lead Conversion Rates: A more streamlined process with qualified leads led to a significant rise in conversions.
  • 30% Reduction in No-Shows: Automated reminders ensured better meeting attendance and maximized their sales team's productivity.

Customer Feedback

"Leadmonk is a great affordable alternative to Chilipiper," says Spencer Bomboir, Director of Accounts at TeamLinkt. "Their customer support is excellent, and the product itself is fantastic. Leadmonk allows us to qualify leads before they connect with our sales team, saving everyone valuable time."


TeamLinkt's story is a testament to the power of Leadmonk. Leadmonk can significantly improve sales processes for businesses of all sizes. Whether your goal is to eliminate junk meetings, boost qualified interactions, or optimize your sales funnel, Leadmonk can be your winning formula.

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