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Appointment Scheduling Software for Educators

Streamline Your Scheduling Process and Improve Student Experience
Online Classes
Trusted by leading educational institutions across the world
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Ease scheduling pain and boost efficiency

Share your availability only to the days and times that work for you and when your students chooses an appointment slot, it is instantly confirmed.

Empower your students to book or reschedule appointments online 24/7Reduce average booking time.

Use custom intake forms to collect the details you want as part of appointment booking.

Appointment Booking Page

Effortless Student-Faculty Scheduling and Connectivity

Educational Booking System ideal for Teachers, Trainers, Admission Consultants, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Libraries, Child care, and Educational Events such as Seminars, Webinars, and Conferences.

College Campus

Freedom from "email only" appointments

Reduce booking friction by giving the flexibility to your customers to book an appointment using their mobile number or email address without the back and forth. 

Booking Flexibility

Scheduling for any appointment type

Leadmonk supports One-on-one, Group, Collective, and Round Robin appointment types. 

Appointment Types

Group Appointments

Host multiple invitees and automatically find the best time to meet for webinar or training sessions.

Group Event

Easy Repeat Business with Packages

Sell consulting or coaching packages, no matter how complex they are.

Sell multi-appointment bundles, combine different types of appointments, and even include group classes in your packages.

Leadmonk lets your clients book in advance and keeps track of outstanding sessions in a package.


Digital Marketing (2 Sessions)

249 USD

Digital Marketing (5 Sessions)

500 USD

Team Page - The best way to schedule your team's time

The team page acts as a personalized booking page for the team. Invitees with the link can access and choose from meeting types based on their needs.

The team page also allows you to distribute new meetings to team members easily.

University admission booking page

Reduce no-shows

Reduce no-shows and keep appointments top of mind with email, SMS, and WhatsApp reminders to your students.

Collect payments when appointments are booked with Stripe and PayPal and reduce no-shows.

Booking page on mobile device

Improve Student Communication

Workflow is an automation that is triggered throughout the appointment lifecycle, from the time an appointment is scheduled all the way through your follow-up with students. You can customize workflow steps and email and SMS templates as per your business requirements.

Sample workflow

Enhance your online presence

Personalize your booking page to match your online branding by adding a logo, profile photo, banner, social media links, contact details, text and button colors and personalized message to your invitee flow.

Localize the scheduling experience for your students with booking pages in 14 languages.

Let your clients access your booking page using your own domain.

Keep clients informed with branded email and SMS notifications.

Appointments Directory page

Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software

  • Streamlined Scheduling Process

  • Improved Student Experience

  • Automatic Appointment Reminders

  • Customizable Schedules

  • Real-time Updates & Notifications

  • Online Appointment Booking

  • Supports Remote & Hybrid Learning

  • Improved Organization & Reduced Stress

  • Optimal Education Provision

Classroom Lecture

All the features you need to stay on top of your scheduling

Booking flexibility

Your customers can book appointments using their email address or mobile number without the back and forth. 


Reminders Flexibility

Your customers can choose between SMS and WhatsApp to receive appointment reminders

Book with just a mobile number

As the mobile number is fast becoming a user identity in the digital world, enable your customers to book appointments using just their mobile number.

Appointment Types.jpg

Scheduling for any appointment type

Leadmonk supports One-on-one, Group, Collective and Round Robin appointment types. 


Custom branding

Minimal and Professional Booking page themes to enhance your online presence.

Connect multiple calendars

Not only you can connect up to 6 calendars to your account, but also you can manage appointments in all these calendars.


An automation that is triggered throughout the appointment lifecycle.

Easy Reschedule or Cancel

Appointment Details.jpg

Easy of use

Get up and running in less than 2 mins - quick account setup,

Professional looks, and mobile friendly application.


Annual subscription starts at just $8/month with many advanced features.

Get the meetings you want and when you want them

Present your preferred availability, set a lead time, add a buffer time before or after the appointment, and limit the number of appointments per day

Website Embed

Embed your booking page on your website to let your clients book directly from your webpage. 

Fix the time zone

Fix the time zone for in-person appointments so that invitees see the availability in the host time zone.

Automatic time zone detection

Turn on automatic time zone detection and your customers will see the booking page in their time zone. 

Visibility of all team members’ bookings

The org owner and admin have access to all team members’ bookings.

User roles and permissions

Make use of roles such as Owner, Admin, Team admin, and User for better segregation of duties.

Org-level branding and workflow

With org-level branding and workflow, enforce best practices and provide consistent customer experiences across the organization.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics with Leadmonk to get valuable insights into how your clients engage with your booking page.

UTM Parameters

Add UTM parameters to your booking links to track conversions directly within Leadmonk.

URL Parameters

You can pre-populate the booking page form with invitee information using URL parameters.

Custom Domain

Let your customers access your booking page using your own domain.

Branded SMS notifications

Send automatic confirmation and reminder SMS notifications from your business's own Twilio phone number with your branding highlighted.

Branded notification emails

Send automatic confirmation and reminder email notifications from your business's own domain to keep customers informed, with your branding highlighted.

Get up and running in less than 2 mins

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