All the features you need to stay on top of your scheduling

Scheduling for any appointment type

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​Enable your customers or prospects to schedule time with you at their convenience.​

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Host multiple invitees and automatically find the best time to meet for webinar or training sessions.

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Enable your customer to book an appointment with several of your team members at one time.

e.g.: Product Demo, Discovery sessions

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Round Robin

Pool the availability of all team members and automatically distribute new meetings to team members. Suitable for sales calls, support calls, and client onboarding.

Book appointments on the fly with just a mobile number

As mobile number is fast becoming user identity in digital world, enable your customers to book appointments using just their mobile number.


Booking Flexibility

Give the flexibility to your invitees to book time using their mobile number or email address.

When they book using their mobile number, they get an SMS/WhatsApp message with a link to view/reschedule the appointment.

Increase your bookings by reducing the custom friction.


Payment Collection

Collect payments when appointments are booked with Stripe and reduce no-shows.

Collect payments in multiple currencies

Include payment terms within the appointment scheduling process.

Accept credit or debit card payments across one-on-one or group events.

Streamline the billing process to one step with Leadmonk's Stripe integration. Read more.​


Video Conference

Integrate Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet video providers to automatically add conferencing links to appointments. Read More


Connect multiple calendars

Not only you can connect upto 6 calendars to your account but also you can manage appointments in all these calendars.

Leadmonk integrates natively with G-Suite Calendar, Google Calendar,  Outlook, and Office365 Calendar.


Custom Intake Forms

Get all the info you need from invitees before the appointment. Choose from a variety of field types including text, checkbox, radio button, List box, and more.


Single use scheduling links

The last thing anyone needs is unnecessary appointments in their calendar. Unlike standard scheduling link of an appointment type, a single-use link expires after someone schedules an appointment with you. The invitee can’t book time with you again unless you send them a new link.


Get the meetings you want and when you want them

Present your preferred availability instead of just all your availability. Set a lead time to make sure you get enough time to prepare for your appointments.

Avoid being double-booked

We'll check all your connected calendars for existing busy events to prevent double booking.

Add a co-worker’s email address in the appointment invite

Add a co-worker’s email address to an appointment type so that it’s included in all the meeting invites created using the scheduling link.


Check Integrations page to know more about different apps integration with Leadmonk


Deliver a professional scheduling experience

Custom branding

Promote your brand at every touchpoint. Personalize your booking page to match your online branding by adding a logo, profile photo, banner, social media links, contact details, text and button colors and personalized message to your invitee flow.  Read More

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Automated reminders

Reduce no-shows and keep meetings top of mind with reminders for your invitees.

Not only you can set multiple reminders at different intervals but also you can specify channels such as email, SMS/WhatsApp to send reminders to your invitees.

At the time of appointment booking, your invitees can specify whether they want to receive appointment updates as SMS or WhatsApp message. Read More


Multiple location options

Give multiple appointment location options to your invitees to let them specify their preference at the time of appointment booking.

Location options can be any/all of these.

  • Google Meet 

  • MS Teams 

  • In person meeting location

  • Custom location such telephone number to call or WebEx location,

  • Ask Invitee - Invitee can specify his/her preferred location.



An automation that is triggered throughout the appointment lifecycle, from the time an appointment is scheduled all the way through your follow-up with attendees. You can customize workflow steps and email and SMS templates as per your business requirements.


Easy Reschedule or Cancel

Invitees can easily reschedule or cancel the appointment from the appointment details page. URL of this page is available in the meeting invite, SMS or WhatsApp notification message and email reminders.

Invitees can join the meeting easily using the video conference link available in the appointment details page. These details are available in the calendar meeting invite as well.

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Automatic time zone detection

Turn on automatic time zone detection and your customers will see the booking page in their time zone.

Fix the time zone for in-person appointments

Fix the time zone for in-person appointments so that invitees sees the availability in host time zone.

Website embed

Embed the Leadmonk appointment scheduler in your web site to let your clients book directly from your webpage.

Add a scheduling page to your website through the embed inline option or add a floating button to your site that opens a popup.

Read more