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Scheduling for any appointment type


​Enable your customers or prospects to schedule time with you at their convenience.

Suitable for: 1:1 Sales calls, 1:1 Interviews, etc.

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Deliver a professional scheduling experience

Booking Flexibility

Give the flexibility to your invitees to book time using their mobile number or email address.

When they book using their mobile number, they get an SMS/WhatsApp message with a link to view/reschedule the appointment.

Increase your bookings by reducing the customer friction.

Booking Flexibility

Book appointments on the fly with just a mobile number

As mobile number is fast becoming user identity in digital world, enable your customers to book appointments using just their mobile number.

Book Appointment using just a mobile number

Easy Repeat Business with Packages

Sell consulting or coaching packages, no matter how complex they are.

Sell multi-appointment bundles, combine different types of appointments, and even include group classes in your packages.

Leadmonk lets your clients book in advance and keeps track of outstanding sessions in a package.


Growth Marketing (2 Sessions)

249 USD

Growth Marketing (5 Sessions)

500 USD

All the features you need to stay on top of your scheduling

Give yourself some time between appointments

Avoid back-to-back appointments by adding buffer time before or after your appointments.

Limit the number of appointments per day

You can specify per day appointments limit at an appointment type level or at the user account level.

URL redirect on appointment confirmation

You can redirect your customers to an external URL upon appointment confirmation.

Get the meetings you want and when you want them

Present your preferred availability instead of just all your availability. Set a lead time to make sure you get enough time to prepare for your appointments.

Avoid being double-booked

We'll check all your connected calendars for existing busy events to prevent double booking.

Manage Shared Resources Bookings

Efficiently manage shared resource bookings centrally ensuring that resources are booked correctly and conflicts are avoided. Read more.

Automatic time zone detection

Turn on automatic time zone detection and your customers will see the booking page in their time zone.

Fix the time zone for in-person appointments

Fix the time zone for in-person appointments so that invitees sees the availability in host time zone.

Website embed

Embed the Leadmonk appointment scheduler in your web site to let your clients book directly from your webpage.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics with Leadmonk to get valuable insights into how your clients engage with your booking page.

UTM parameters

Add UTM parameters to your booking links to track conversions directly within Leadmonk.

URL Parameters

You can pre-populate the booking page form with invitee information using URL parameters.

Promote your brand at every touchpoint

Custom branding

Personalize your booking page to match your online branding by adding a logo, profile photo, banner, social media links, contact details, text and button colors and personalized message to your invitee flow. 

Localize the scheduling experience for your clients with booking pages in different languages such as English, Spanish, Deutsch, French, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Portuguese.

Professional booking page theme

Easy Reschedule or Cancel

Invitees can easily reschedule or cancel the appointment from the appointment details page. URL of this page is available in the meeting invite, SMS or WhatsApp notification message and email reminders.

Invitees can join the meeting easily using the video conference link available in the appointment details page. These details are available in the calendar meeting invite as well.

Easy reschedule or cancel
Branded Email Notifications

Send automatic confirmation and reminder email notifications from your business's own domain to keep customers informed, with your branding highlighted (SMTP).

Branded SMS notifications

Send automatic confirmation and reminder SMS notifications from your business's own Twilio phone number with your branding highlighted.

Custom Domain

Let your customers access your booking page using your own domain (CNAME).


Check Integrations page to know more about different apps integration with Leadmonk


Get up and running in less than 2 mins

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