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14 Email templates to ask for a meeting politely

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How to ask for a meeting politely?

When it comes to asking for an appointment, politeness is key. You don't want to come across as pushy or demanding. Think about it for a minute, how do you respond to marketing or sales emails that the introduction is just a call to action rather than a cordial summary of who the sender is and what he intends to achieve by sending the email? The following tips will help you strike the right balance and get the meeting you want. Here are some tips on how to ask for an appointment politely.

  • Introduce yourself and your company.

  • Build a rapport - ask how your prospect's day is going or ask about the weather or an event happening in their neighborhood. This breaks the ice, personalizes the conversation, and can earn you, their attention for a few more seconds.

  • Be specific about why you would like to meet, what you hope to accomplish during the meeting, and how your client will benefit from the meeting.

  • Keep your request brief and to the point. Be clear about what kind of meeting you are looking for (e.g., coffee, lunch, phone call, etc.).

  • Suggest a few specific dates and times that work for you. Finding the best time to meet is challenging, especially if you're meeting with people in different time zones. When you suggest a meeting time for meeting attendees from different regions, it's especially important to include a time zone in your meeting request email.

  • Close by thanking the person again for their time and expressing your hope that they will be able to accommodate your request.

  • Write a clear and concise subject line for the meeting request email

  • Send a follow-up if needed

Select the language that is most appropriate for the situation. Language can be

  • Formal - "May I ask permission to meet with you in person?"

  • Neutral - "Would it be possible for us to meet?"

  • Informal - "Could we meet to discuss it?"

The tone is a combination of Word choice, Sentence structure, and Punctuation choices. The right tone has to be used depending on whether you are sending a meeting request email to warm contacts or new contacts as a cold email outreach.

Emojis are always informal. In English, first names are generally used (and not last names) in emails.

Warm contacts already have one-on-one contact with you or your company or brand. Emails to warm contacts are considered warm emails. Cold emailing refers to sending emails to individuals with no existing relationship with you and your business.

Cold and warm meeting request emails require different strategies. With cold meeting request emails, you need to introduce yourself and build enough interest in the recipient that they book the meeting—all without overwhelming them with too much text. With a warm meeting request email, you have the luxury of building on the relationship they already have with your brand.

Here are sample quick one-liners to ask for a meeting. You can use them while sending personalized meeting request emails.

  • Are you free for a chat at some time on 2021/07/26, 5:00 PM?

  • Can we schedule a meeting for tomorrow at 3 pm?

  • Do you have time next week Tuesday to grab a cup of coffee?

  • Don’t you wish you could also [solve the main pain point] with it?

  • Will you be present on Tuesday after he speaks?

  • Would either [two choices of date and time] be a good time for you?

  • Would either [two choices of date and time] work for you?

  • Want to book a quick meeting this week to see what we can do?

Meeting with colleagues, clients, or potential customers can become challenging when everyone's schedules are similarly jam-packed. What's more, a great deal of valuable time can be wasted by means of back-and-forth emails or messages to decide the meeting date and time. Online appointment scheduling software gives your invitees the ability to book meeting 24/7 without the back-and-forth emails or messages. This convenience factor is a major selling point for customers. If you're in sales, then you know that time is money. And if you're not using appointment scheduling software, you're losing out on potential sales. Scheduling software helps you keep track of your appointments and leads, so you can close more deals and boost your sales.

Here are 14 email templates to help you ask for an appointment in a way that is both professional and polite. Feel free to customize them to fit your own needs. Be sure to proofread your email before sending it off.


Template 1: Generic Meeting Request for Collaboration

Subject line: Request for an appointment

Hi [Recipient’s name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am [Your name] from [Your company].

I recently came across your website/blog/social media profile and was impressed with your work. I would love to discuss the possibility of working together with you on [project name].

Would it be possible to schedule a meeting with you so that we can discuss further this? I promise it will be worth your time. :)

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Template 2: Request for an informational interview

Hi [Recipient’s name],

I hope this message finds you well!

I am writing because I am interested in learning more about your work as a [job title]. Might you have time for a brief discussion so that I can ask some questions and learn more? I promise to take up no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Thank you very much for your consideration!


Template 3: Generic Meeting Request

Hi [Recipient’s name],

I hope this email finds you well!

I am [Your Name], and I would love the opportunity to speak with you about [Topic]. Would you be available for a brief chat sometime in the next few days?

I promise it will be worth your time! Thank you so much for considering my request.


Template 4: Generic sales follow-up meeting request

Dear [Recipient’s name],

It was nice talking to you last week. It would be great if we could arrange a time to continue our conversation in person. I would love to tell you more about how [product] can [tackle their pain point]. How does 11 am on Tuesday sound?

Let me know if that works for you; I'd love to speak to you again.

Sincerely, [Your name]


Template 5: Sales Meeting Request

Dear [Recipient’s name],

I hope this email finds you well! My name is [your full name] and am from [your company]. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about how [product] will increase your [revenue/rate of success/etc].

If you are free for a quick coffee next week at the new cafe on Roland Street, I’m open any day.

In the meantime, I’ve attached a case study that might interest you.

Please let me know when and where you would like to meet.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Sincerely, [Your name]


Template 6: Cold email on Meeting request for Collaboration or partnership

Dear [Recipient’s name]

I hope this email finds you well! I’m [your name], and work at [company’s name]. We work in [area of expertise]. Given that you are a leading player within our niche, I believe a collaboration would be in both our interests.

I’d love to ask you for a meeting [mention location], at [mention a flexible date and time], where we can discuss this further.

Feel free to prefer another time and location if that doesn’t work for you.


[Your Name]


Template 7: Cold Sales Email with Your Introduction and asking for a meeting

Hi [Recipient’s name],

I hope this email finds you well! I’m [your name] from [your company name]. We specialize in [your area of expertise]. We’ve clientele from pioneering startups to Fortune 500 companies like [mention some well-known companies you’ve worked with].

If you are free for a chat at [mention time range], we could help you with some [mention some pain points of recipient].


[Your Name]


Template 8: Requesting a meeting with someone you met at an event/conference

Hey [Recipient’s name]!

We met at [Event/Conference name] last week. Seems like you were interested in some of our [your services or expertise] Want to chat over a quick meeting this week? Let’s see what we can do together.

Please, do let me know when you are available.


[Your Name]


Template 9: Sales cold outreach email requesting a meeting for collaboration

Hi [ Recipient’s name],

I read/saw [recent news/accomplishment]. I’m a [your position or title] at [your company name]. Your company’s focus on [the interesting detail or accomplishment] got me thinking about ways we could collaborate to achieve [the goal of the meeting].

I’d like to meet with you to discuss this further if you are interested.

Would you be available for a quick chat?

Thank you,

[Your name]


Template 10: Meeting request email from a mutual connection

Subject line: [first name], have time for a quick chat?

Hi [ Recipient’s name]!

[Referral Name] recommended you as a [what they do].

I was interested in the [brief reference to one of their accomplishments, something they published, or something in their portfolio]. I liked how you [what you liked].

As the [your position or title] at [your company name], I’m always looking to build connections with [what they do]. Given that you are a leading player within our niche, I believe a collaboration would be in both our interests to achieve [the goal of the meeting].

I’d love to ask you for a meeting [mention location], at [mention a flexible date and time], where we can discuss this further.

Feel free to prefer another time and location if that doesn’t work for you.


[Your Name]


Template 11. Product demo email to customer

Hi [ Recipient’s name]!

Thanks for getting in touch — we’re excited to chat with you! Request you to share your availability for the demo or feel free to book a time that works best for you using the link: <Scheduling Link>.

We look forward to talking with you soon.


[Your Name]


Template 12. Product demo email to customer [based on the request made on the website]

Hi [ Recipient’s name]!

I’m reaching out to follow up on the demo request you made on [company name]’s website a few months ago.

I’d love to find out what else we can do to help with [value proposition]. We have a lot of resources to offer you. However, to get you the best materials, I would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and make sure we’re on the same page.

Email me back when you have a moment, so we can decide whether a demo is appropriate. If you are ready to schedule a time with me now, just click here and pick a date that works for you.


[Your Name]


Template 13. A quick follow-up email to the customer with a call to action

Subject: Book a time for our consultation

Hi [ Recipient’s name]!

It was great speaking with you this afternoon. I would like to propose a one-hour discovery call, at which time we can further unpack [Company]’s revenue goals.

To schedule a time with me, please click here and find a time that works for you.

If you have any questions prior to the meeting, just reply to this email and let me know!


Template 14: LinkedIn InMail

Hi [ Recipient’s name]!

I came across your LinkedIn profile and am so impressed with your work experience. We are looking for people with your background. I was wondering if you would like to connect and discuss possibilities.

If yes, please use the below link to find a time for our conversation at your convenience without back and forth. Let me know if you have any questions!



Do let us know if you have successfully used other strategies to get meetings with your prospects via emails or have used any other email templates for requesting meetings. We would be happy to publish those in our blog so that others can benefit from them.


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