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Release Notes - 14th April 2022

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

This week we have released a couple more exciting features based on customer requests. Please find below those details.

1. WhatsApp Integration for appointment notifications

Now your invitees can specify their preference to receive appointment notifications. Below is the screenshot of the same. This is in addition to the email notifications.

WhatsaApp integration for appointment notifications

You can also specify your preference to receive your appointment notifications in Settings->Profile in the Leadmonk app.

2. Group Event

We have launched group appointment type feature this week. Using this appointment type, you can schedule group events such as training, product demo, webinar, etc. which requires multiple people to attend.

Group Event

You can also specify the max attendee limit in this appointment type.

In the group event booking page, it shows the available places per time slot for invitees. You can hide this info if you want to.

3. Notify a colleague

Now you can add a colleague to every meeting that gets booked with your client. Specify the email address of your colleague in the appointment type settings and it will be added as a meeting participant automatically in every meeting that gets booked by the client using the Leadmonk scheduling link.

4. Enhanced Availability Profile settings

Earlier you had to specify generic work timings in your availability profile. Now along with that, you can specify different work timings for specific dates if it is different from your generic work timings. You can also mark specific dates as unavailable days due to holidays/vacations so that no appointment gets booked on those days.

5. Previous week's released features

Please reach out if you need any support or would like to give us feedback. Visit the Leadmonk site for more information.

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