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What's new with Leadmonk - July'22 Edition

Updated: May 28

Here are the latest product updates, content, and news from Leadmonk in July'22. 1. PWA version of Leadmonk is available now Install the PWA (progressive web app) version of Leadmonk on your computer or mobile device for a fast web experience. A PWA is a website that functions just like a native app. It has all the functionality of a native app and still manages to deliver the usability of a website. Click here to know more.

2. Default the time zone on the booking pages As shown in the picture, you can default a specific time zone in the appointment type so that your invitees see your availability as per your specified time zone at the time of booking an appointment. This is recommended for in-person appointments.

3. Filter the canceled appointments from the display output As shown in the picture, now you can filter the canceled appointments from the display output.

4. Give multiple meeting location options to invitees Now you can define multiple appointment location options in 1:1 appointment type customization. Invitees can specify their location preference while booking the appointment.

5. Define custom appointment duration Choose the custom duration option as shown in the below image to specify the appointment duration as per your requirement.

6. 'What's New' and 'Help' Icons in the app Click on the ‘What’s New’ icon (highlighted in red color) to know newly released features. Click on the ‘Help’ icon (highlighted in red color) to access/search help documents in the app.

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