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What's new with Leadmonk - October'22 Edition

Here are the latest product updates, content, and news from Leadmonk in October’22.

1. Collective appointment type: Book time with several of your team members at one time

A collective appointment type is recommended when an invitee needs to book time with several of your team members at one time. For example, a collective appointment would be great when a sales manager wants to schedule a product demo session with a client and wants to involve a pre-sales executive and a product manager from his team. The collective scheduling page shows appointment slots only when all team members (all hosts) are available. If any host is not available when the other hosts are, that time slot will not be shown as available. When an invitee schedules an appointment, all team members are added to the calendar meeting invite. Check the Collective Scheduling help page to know more.

2. Round Robin appointment type - automatically distribute new meetings to team members

A Round Robin appointment type lets you automatically distribute new meetings to team members, saving you the time of manually assigning them. The team members are placed in an order and are booked in that order. However, if one team member isn’t available, the next person will get booked, and so on. This lets you offer more availability to customers while managing your team’s workload more effectively. This is one of the best types of appointment scheduling for sales professionals, call centers, and support teams. Check the Round Robin Scheduling help page to know more.

3. Team Scheduling Options - The best way to schedule your team's time

Leadmonk’s team scheduling features help you coordinate diverse meeting schedules of various people you need to collaborate with, which makes it effortless to schedule a meeting, and enhances overall productivity. The Round Robin, Collective, and Group Appointment Types let you choose the best option for finding the times when your various groups can meet. You can bring teams together quicker and more efficiently, which positively affects productivity and revenue, and contributes to saving time and effort. Check this blog to know more effective ways for teams to collaborate more efficiently.

4. Make your entire appointment lifecycle a breeze with the workflows

Workflow in Leadmonk is an automation triggered throughout the appointment lifecycle, from the time an appointment is scheduled through your follow-up with attendees. This can save you a lot of time and energy, and it can also help you avoid mistakes. You can customize both SMS and Email notification templates. Check this help page to know more.

5. Do more with Zapier integrations and Webhooks

Zapier lets you connect Leadmonk with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required. Combining Zapier and Leadmonk gives you the power to integrate scheduling and fully automate your workflow. Use Leadmonk appointments as triggers for other actions while you complete more important tasks. With Zapier, you can connect your existing tools to Leadmonk without the use of code. Check this help page to know more.

Leadmonk has an open API that supports webhooks. You can build a webhook to receive real-time Leadmonk appointment data at a specified URL when an event is scheduled or canceled. Check this help page to know more.

6. Avoid back-to-back appointments by adding buffer time before or after appointments

Buffers are extra time that can be added before and/or after an appointment. The buffer time before or after any appointment will be marked as busy, so people can't book your time then. Check this help page to know more.

7. Limit the number of appointments per day

You will need some concentrated work from time to time, so you may want to limit the number of appointments you schedule every day. To accomplish this, set up the appointment limit as shown below. You can specify a number in the below-specified field and it will no longer be possible for your day to have any more than that number of appointments using that appointment type. You can also set this limit at the Leadmonk user account level to be applicable across the appointment types. Check this help page to know more.

8. Default the time zone for in-person appointments

Leadmonk will automatically detect your time zone as well as the time zone of the invitee, so you don't need to adjust it yourself! If you are meeting in person, we recommend locking the time zone to the location of the event.

9. URL redirect on the appointment confirmation

You can redirect your customers to an external URL upon appointment confirmation.

10. Custom branding

Promote your brand at every touchpoint. Personalize your booking page to match your online branding by adding a logo, profile photo, banner, social media links, contact details, text and button colors, and personalized message to your invitee flow. Check this page to know more.
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