• Naveen S G

WhatsApp User Statistics - 2022

Updated: Jul 18

Key Stats About WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp has 2 billion active users worldwide.

  • More than 100 billion messages are sent each day on WhatsApp.

  • The average WhatsApp user on Android spends 38 minutes per day on the app.

  • India has the most WhatsApp monthly active users (390.1 million).

  • 27% of all Americans online between 26-35 years old use WhatsApp.

Source: backlinko.com


Age group

WhatsApp usage among US internet users

​15-25 years


​26-35 years


​36-45 years


​46-55 years


​56+ years


Source: Statista


WhatsApp gender demographics

  • 46.1% female users.

  • 53.9% male users.

Source: Hootsuite


Top 10 WhatsApp Countries


Number of WhatsApp Users


390.1 million


108.4 million

United States

75.1 million


68.8 million


64.7 million


62.3 million


48.3 million


35.5 million


33 million


30.1 million

Source: Business Insider


WhatsApp Business was downloaded 18 million times across Google Play & App Store in September 2021. The vast majority, 16 million downloads, came from Android users. The remaining 2 million installs came from iOS users.

Source: Sensor Tower.

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