Real-Time Lead Routing

Cut steps, cut friction, and cut drop-off by instantly routing leads to the right sales rep.

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Don't Let Messy Lead Routing Cost You Money

Manual lead distribution is error-prone and time-consuming.

It's difficult to prioritize leads and ensure they're assigned to the right reps.

Handover from sales reps to account executives is often delayed, leading to lost opportunities.

Ditch the Spreadsheet, for Good

Stop wasting time with manual lead routing. Leadmonk ensures every rep gets the same number of meetings—even when cancellations and no-shows happen.

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Flexibility that fits your team

Customize routing to match the team's strengths and priorities, sending fewer leads to new reps and warm prospects to your top performers.

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No More Waiting for Red-Hot Prospects

Book qualified meetings with inbound prospects instantly from your webforms.

Connect hot leads to the right reps in seconds, boost conversions, and stay on top of your pipeline with real-time visibility.

Make Lead Routing Work For You

Route and assign leads to the right sales reps, at the right time using round-robin, account-based, or territory-based distribution.

Intelligently route leads based on complex conditions and display a calendar on your website for prospects to book meetings.

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CRM object ownership routing

Route your leads from hidden fields

With Clearbit or ZoomInfo, you can enrich your marketing forms with industry, company size, and other data.

This will help you shorten your forms and route your leads to the right sales rep.

CRM Ownership Routing

Create routing rules that automatically match and schedule known leads and existing customers with the right sales rep based on real-time CRM account ownership.

CRM object ownership routing
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Drive pipeline from marketing campaigns

Use smart booking links in nurture campaigns, customer newsletters, or product announcements to allow your target audience to book a meeting instantly with the right rep.

Say goodbye to multiple links

Use intelligent rules to route each prospects to the right rep with just one link, avoiding the need for separate links for each campaign or sales rep.

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Data-Driven Insights to Fuel Your Success

Track meeting conversions, distribution, and outcomes to identify friction points and take action to improve efficiency.

Book Meetings from Web Form

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Why it works like magic


Accelerated Deal Flow

Cut steps and expedite lead-to-opportunity transitions by over 50%.

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Delighted Buyers

Over 95% of buyers prefer to qualify online quickly and easily, rather than with a call.

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Boost your conversion rate

Remove friction and increase conversion rates by up to 3X.

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Optimize Sales Teams

Hiring SDR is expensive. Let them focus on outbound.

Double your inbound conversion using Leadmonk

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