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Friends & Family Program

Refer a friend and you'll both get 2 months free!

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Referral Program

Know anyone who's thinking about taking Leadmonk for a spin?

If you tell them to ping our support team after they've signed up and converted to a paid plan, we'll hook both of you up with a free 1 month account credit  (no strings attached).

Just tell them to ask for the "Friends & Family Discount". We'll take care of the rest. 🙌

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Questions answered


If I refer someone and they sign up for a paid plan, when will we both receive our free 2 months account credits?

Once your friend signs up and converts to a paid plan, tell them to contact support and mention you when they ask for the Friends & Family Discount. After their payment has been processed we'll apply the 2 months account credit to both of your accounts.

Can I refer multiple people and earn multiple monthly account credits?

Sure can! As long as everything is on the up and up we'll happily give you 2 months account credits for each successful referral. Thanks by the way!

Terms & Conditions


By taking part in this Friends & Family program, you agree:

  • To follow all commercial and public laws

  • Not to spam anyone

  • Not to engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent

  • Not to attempt to rig the system in any way just to earn free monthly credits

We reserve the right to:

  • Change these terms and conditions at any time without notice

  • Suspend any participant who we believe is not adhering to the guidelines above

  • Cancel, or change this program at any time without notice

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