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Smart Team Scheduling Software

The best way to schedule your team's time
Team booking page

Unlock your team's potential with intelligent yet flexible scheduling

Group Appointments

Host multiple invitees and automatically find the best time to meet for webinar or training sessions.

Group Event Booking

Collective Appointments

  • Enable your customer to book an appointment with several of your team members at one time. 

  • Shows appointment slots only when all team members (all hosts) are available.

  • When an invitee schedules an appointment, all team members are added to the calendar meeting invite.

  • Suitable for Product Demo, Discovery sessions, etc.

Collective Event - Book a demo.jpg.jpg

Round Robin Appointments

  • Pool the availability of all team members and automatically distribute new meetings to team members. 

  • The team members are placed in an order and are booked in that order.

  • Offer more availability to customers while managing your team’s workload more 

  • Suitable for sales calls, support calls, and client onboarding.


Personalized Booking Pages and Logins for Your Team

Empower your team of specialists to showcase their appointment types or services, set availability, and book clients on their own individual Booking Pages.

Team owner and admins have easy access to track team member's productivity by viewing each team member's calendar.


Team Booking Page

The team page acts as a personalized booking page for the team.

Invitees with the link can access and choose from meeting types based on their needs.

The team page also allows you to distribute new meetings to team members easily.

Team Booking Page of University


An automation that is triggered throughout the appointment lifecycle, from the time an appointment is scheduled all the way through your follow-up with attendees. You can customize workflow steps and email and SMS templates as per your business requirements.

Sample workflow

Central billing & user management 

  • Full control over user management and centralized billing for all teammates.

  • Assign an administrator to add and remove teammates

  • Configure privacy and data-sharing among teammates

  • One payment cycle with centralized billing and receipts

  • Stripe integration at Admin or Owner account level to offer paid appointments across the team

Team management
Visibility of all team members’ bookings

The org owner and admin have access to all team members’ bookings.

User roles and permissions

Make use of roles such as Owner, Admin, Team admin, and User for better segregation of duties.

Org-level branding and workflow

With org-level branding and workflow, enforce best practices and provide consistent customer experiences across the organization.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics with Leadmonk to get valuable insights into how your clients engage with your booking page.

UTM parameters

Add UTM parameters to your booking links to track conversions directly within Leadmonk.

URL Parameters

You can pre-populate the booking page form with invitee information using URL parameters.

Branded Email Notifications

Send automatic confirmation and reminder email notifications from your business's own domain to keep customers informed, with your branding highlighted (SMTP).

Branded SMS notifications

Send automatic confirmation and reminder SMS notifications from your business's own Twilio phone number with your branding highlighted.

Custom Domain

Let your customers access your booking page using your own domain.

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