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Scheduling Simplified

Appointment scheduling software for the mobile-first business world

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Trusted by Innovative Companies across the World

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Ease Scheduling Pain and Boost Efficiency

Connect your calendar

Connect your Google or Outlook calendar and specify details such as availability preferences, appointment duration, location, etc.

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Publish appointment links

Share appointment links via email, on social media sites, or embed them on your website and let the world pick and choose.

Let Appointments Fly In

The customer picks up a time slot, and the appointment is added to your calendar. Everyone is reminded before the appointment to avoid no-shows.

Scheduling for any Appointment type


​Enable your customers or prospects to schedule time with you at their convenience.

Suitable for: 1:1 Sales calls, 1:1 Interviews, etc.

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Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Ensure all of your meetings, from initial discovery calls to demos, technical discussions, pricing negotiations, and procurement are scheduled efficiently and without delay. 

SaaS Sales Process

Optimize Your Outbound Sales Efforts 

Speed to Lead

50% of deals go to the vendor who responds first. 

​​Responding within 5 minutes results in an 8x higher conversion rate. 

Engage your leads quickly with automated scheduling. ​

No More Waiting for Red-Hot Prospects.


The most flexible scheduling software in the market

Built for the entire revenue team

Booking Flexibility

Give the flexibility to your invitees to book time using their mobile number or email address.

When they book using their mobile number, they get an SMS or WhatsApp message with a link to view/reschedule the appointment.

Booking Flexibility


Boost Your Sales

Unlock 8x Higher Conversions by engaging your leads quickly with automated scheduling.

Demand Generation

Double Your Inbound Conversion

Maximize conversion with a "Book a Meeting Now" CTA in your marketing campaigns. Convert hot prospects and automate lead transfer to sales.

Customer Success

Improve Customer Experience

Make it easy for your customers to book a meeting when they need help, want to learn something new or have subscription renewal questions.


Reduce Time-to-Hire

Make it easy for candidates to easily & effectively self-schedule interviews when it works for them and you.

What Our Clients Say


Drew Donaldson
Founder and CEO, GroHaus

I really needed a straightforward calendar booker that could replace calendly and a bunch of other booking tools. This was just the ticket. The dev team is really engaged and is constantly making improvements, and I love how clients can sign up for a call using only their phone number. over all this is definitely a calendly killer for me.


Narender Singh
Founder, YCI Canada

I was looking for a scheduling solution for my team that is professional, easy to use, affordable, scalable, has good customer support, can integrate with Microsoft 365 platform with Calendar and MS Teams, and has ability to take paid bookings. Leadmonk was the only tool that checked all boxes for me.


Shannon Semenikow
Founder and CEO, EMSA

Great scheduling tool. We use it for our whole team as part of our lead nurturing to booking sequence and it works perfectly. Great landing page.


Erica L Bunker

Tax Consultant

The fact that it has replaced two scheduling platforms that I have used in the past. This was the best bang for my buck when I purchased it, and I highly recommend it to anyone I talk to who needs a scheduling platform.


Tiffany Brinkley

Financial & Insurance Services Professional

Leadmonk provides a seamless way to coordinate schedules, prepare prospects with surveys or questions and collect payment for services. The text and email reminders are priceless!


Shane Kelly

Co-Founder –

Leadmonk has been a great tool that allows our remote and distributed teams to manage our calendars and bookings with ease across a variety of complex use cases.

Debo Ogunrinde

Founder – Mindbasic Academy

This is a powerful but flexible scheduling tool. It is feature rich and keep getting better with frequent updates. Leadmonk is one of the best scheduling tool and I consider it a one stop shop for all my scheduling needs. I do recommend it over overpriced alternatives.


David Jones

Founder & Marketing Strategist

I find Leadmonk intuitive and functional for setting up my team and adding multiple calendars. Unlike other similar systems, Leadmonk allows adding multiple calendars to double-check availability for the entire team to schedule meetings together. This feature works great for our agency's discovery calls and team meetings.


Get up and running in less than 2 mins

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