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Top 5 Calendly Alternatives and Competitors in 2023 (Free & Paid Options)

Updated: Jan 11

Calendly needs no introduction. It’s been around for several years and many businesses use its software. Calendly supports 1:1, group, round-robin, and collective meeting scheduling algorithms.

However, you might be looking for the best Calendly alternatives if you’ve realized the free version lacks some helpful features and isn’t intuitive to use. Or perhaps you’re willing to pay for flexible booking software and more direct integrations with other software. Calendly may not be the perfect fit for everyone, so it's important to explore other options to find the best scheduling solution for your business or personal needs.

Let’s find the product that’s right for you.

Below are some of the features which are not available in Calendly.

  • It does not support mobile number-based appointment scheduling. The flexibility to book appointments using the email address or mobile number reduces customer friction and increases bookings.

  • It does not have WhatsApp integration to send meeting notifications/reminders. SMS notifications work only from the professional plan onwards. And their SMS notifications also don't work for all countries (e.g.: it does not work for Indian mobile numbers). WhatsApp is the preferred text messaging channel in countries such as Europe, India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

  • Text message notifications work from the Professional plan onwards. Round robin is part of the team plan.

  • Even though you can connect up to 6 calendars to your Calendly account, you can take appointments only to the primary calendar.

  • There is no provision to specify co-workers' email address as automatic meeting participants in all the appointment bookings.

  • Calendly is not suitable for services-based businesses such as Salon, Spa, and other Beauty Services.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at five of the best alternatives to Calendly.

The 5 Best Calendly Alternatives

Here is our list of the best alternatives to Calendly, starting with our own:

1. Leadmonk

A mobile number has come to be widely accepted as a mode of customer identification in the digital world. Leadmonk gives the flexibility to schedule an appointment without needing a customer's email address, as specifying a customer’s mobile number can do the trick in a few seconds.

As you know not everyone is comfortable using an email address. Think about people in the informal sectors, retired professionals who are not net savvy. For them, it will be friction if they are asked to book appointments using only an email address.

The flexibility to book an appointment using a mobile number or email address without the back and forth reduces the booking friction for the customers and makes the process much simpler for everyone involved.

We think Leadmonk is the truly versatile appointment scheduling software available in the market for the following reasons:

  • All the other tools available in the market support appointment scheduling only using the email address. Whereas Leadmonk is the first online appointment booking software that lets your customers book time with you using their mobile number or email address without the back-and-forth emails or messages.

  • It gives an option to your customers to choose between WhatsApp and SMS to receive appointment notifications.

  • Meet one-on-one or in a group or as a team (Collective and Round Robin). Meet online or in person. Leadmonk supports all meeting combinations.

  • Provision to make each appointment type behave as a standalone calendar for free-busy availability check instead of checking the connected calendar. This avoids the need to have multiple Leadmonk user accounts or multiple calendars.

  • Give multiple meeting location options to invitees. At the time of appointment booking, the invitee can choose his/her preferred location.

  • Not only you can connect 6 calendars to your account but also you can take appointments to any of these calendars. This is helpful to manage your work life efficiently.

  • It integrates natively with G-Suite, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Outlook, Office365 Calendar, MS Teams, Zoom, and other popular business apps to support your business in a wide range of prospect and customer scheduling scenarios.

  • Automatic time zone detection, setting lead time for appointment booking, automatic SMS/WhatsApp/Email reminders to reduce no-shows, and many more

  • Collect payments using Stripe.

  • Collect required details using custom intake forms at the time of appointment booking.

Who is it for?

Leadmonk is perfect for any person or business no matter if you are starting or have been around for a while. It meets appointment booking requirements of customer-facing teams such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Freelancers/Consultants. It can also be used to manage bookings of Meeting Rooms and shared resources. It is also suitable for industry sectors such as Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Coaches, Recruiters, and Professional Services companies such as Legal, Accounting, and Real Estate. It can also be used as an online event booking software or online meeting booking software.


  • Basic Plan: Free-forever plan when you just want the basics

  • Professional Plan - $8/user/month (annual plan) - When you need advanced scheduling features

  • Teams Plan - $12/user/month (annual plan) - For teams with personalized branding at every touchpoint

  • Enterprise Plan - For larger teams that need advanced security, control, and support

2. Acuity Scheduling [Squarespace Scheduling]

Acuity Scheduling is a cloud-based appointment-scheduling software solution that enables business owners to manage their appointments online. The product caters to the needs of small and midsize businesses as well as individual professionals. Acuity Scheduling is feature-rich scheduling software that offers automatic rescheduling, payment integration, and the ability to book multiple appointments at once. It also allows you to customize your booking forms and create custom booking pages. Plus, it has a calendar sync function to help you manage your schedule easily.

  • Offer more than just appointments like gift certificates, packages, memberships, or group classes.

  • You can accept online payments via integrations with Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

  • Manage multiple locations and employees to show your clients the calendar you want them to see.

  • It does not support mobile number-based appointment scheduling.

  • Also, it does not have WhatsApp integration to send appointment notifications.

Who is it for?

Acuity Scheduling is suitable for service-based businesses such as training and tutoring centers, coaching and consulting, photography and video production companies, fitness studios, salons and spa centers, and health and dental clinics.


  • Acuity Scheduling’s plans start at $14 a month.

  • The Growing plan costs $23 a month. This brings up the total number of calendars to 6 instead of just 1.

  • Finally, the Powerhouse plan costs $45 a month and gives you up to 36 calendars.

  • You can try these plans for free for a maximum of one week.

3. is an online appointment booking system for small and mid-size businesses. Larger corporations have the option to purchase the Enterprise Scheduling Software, which supports businesses with widespread locations. It simplifies the booking process and enables businesses to market their services. provides a centralized platform that automates online booking and client communication. It does not support mobile number-based appointment scheduling. Also, it does not have WhatsApp integration to send meeting notifications.


  • $8.25/month for 100 bookings/15providers

  • $24.9/month for 500 bookings/25 providers

  • $49.9/month for 2000 bookings/50 providers

4. Setmore

Setmore offers a free online scheduling platform for you to connect with your customers. Manage all your appointments through one simple calendar system and give your business the freedom to grow. Every account comes with a customizable Booking Page that enables you to display your services, availability, and pricing online. Setmore has numerous integrations, including Square or Stripe integrations for online payments. It also links to Slack accounts and syncs with most major calendars. It does not support mobile number-based appointment booking. Also, it does not have WhatsApp integration to send meeting notifications. It's more suited for services businesses such as spas, salons, and doctor's clinics.


  • Free plan – for basic scheduling needs

  • Premium - Up to 2 users - $9/user/month

  • Pro - 3+ users - $5/user/month

5. 10to8

10to8 is an online scheduling and appointment reminder software system, built to be easy to use for businesses. It comes with a web-based booking calendar, for you and your clients, and supports email and SMS notifications. It does not support mobile number-based appointment booking. Also, it does not have WhatsApp integration to send meeting notifications. They don’t have a mobile app.


  • FREE FOREVER - 100 appts/month - 2 staff logins

  • Basic - $9.6/month - 100 appts/month - 2 staff logins

  • Grow - $20month - 300 appts/month - 3 staff logins

  • Bigger Business - $40month - 600 appts/month - 6 staff logins

Save time on scheduling. Spend time on the things that matter.

Ultimately, the best booking software for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. No matter which software you choose, you're sure to get the most out of your real estate business with one of these top three booking systems. But we think Leadmonk is a great option for those who are looking for an easy-to-use system that has all the features you need. It's also the only booking software in the market that enables your clients to book appointments using just their mobile number. It's also very affordable, starting at just $8/month.

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