Jul 15, 2024

Automate booking demo or sales meetings from webflow form

Stop wasting time scheduling demos. Automate with Leadmonk.

Tired of manually scheduling demos and sales calls? Let's face it, it's time-consuming and inefficient. But fear not, there's a better way! This blog will guide you through automating the entire process, seamlessly integrating your webflow form with your sales team's calendars. Buckle up, and let's turn leads into booked meetings in a flash!

Drawbacks of not automating demo/sales meeting booking

  • Lost customers: Customers are more likely to lose interest or find a competitor if they have to wait too long to see a demo or to speak to a sales rep. ❌
  • Slower speed to lead: It takes longer to get leads in front of your sales team and start building relationships with them. 🐌
  • Lower conversion rates: Demos can increase conversion rates by up to 50%, but you need to make it easy for leads to book a demo. 📉
  • Increased workload for sales teams: Sales teams have to spend time scheduling demo/sales meetings instead of focusing on other tasks, such as closing deals and nurturing relationships. 🗓️

The solution is to automate the demo/sales meeting booking process. 🤖

This means using a platform like Leadmonk to allow leads to book demo/sales meetings directly from your website landing page having a web form such as webflow form. 💻

When a lead submits a demo request form or contact-sales form, Leadmonk automatically qualifies them, routes them to the right sales rep, and schedules a meeting with that sales rep at a time that works for both parties. 🤝

This eliminates the need for email back and forth and ensures that leads can see a demo or speak to a sales rep as soon as possible. 🚀

By automating sales meeting scheduling, SaaS companies can improve their speed to lead and close more deals. 💰🔥

Instantly Qualify, Route and Schedule your Leads using Leadmonk

Book meetings from any leadgen form

Leadmonk helps revenue teams convert leads into meetings by qualifying, routing, and scheduling in real-time from anywhere — be it your web form, cold calls, campaigns, and more.

Book Meetings From Your Web Form - Leadmonk seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and custom web forms. When a form is submitted on your website, Leadmonk instantly qualifies the lead, routes it to the right sales rep, and displays the booking page so your prospect can book a meeting - all in a matter of seconds.

Real-time Email Verification - Ensure high-quality lead data with Leadmonk's real-time email verification, which eliminates invalid, disposable, personal, and temporary email addresses from your lead capture forms. Reduce bounce rates, improve deliverability, and prevent wasted resources on invalid leads.

Lead qualification - Build a real-time lead qualification track that assesses leads based on their self-provided information and enriched data. Reduce junk meetings by 90% and increase qualified meetings by 35%.

Real-time Lead Routing - Route and assign leads to the right sales reps, at the right time using round-robin, account-based, or territory-based distribution. Quickly and accurately route leads from all GTM channels.Go straight to meetings with qualified leads.

Fix your leaky funnel with Leadmonk - No more long sales cycles. Go straight to meetings with qualified leads.

Scheduling Simplified - Make it easy for your customers to schedule meetings on demand without the back and forth. Distribute incoming meetings fairly using round robin, prioritizing availability, or with equal weight or a weighted average.

Handoff Leads Like a Pro - Automate lead routing and scheduling for lightning-fast handoffs across your entire sales funnel. SDRs can book meetings for AEs from anywhere, with just a few clicks. No more back-and-forth emails or scheduling conflicts.

Ditch the Spreadsheet, for Good - Stop wasting time with manual lead routing. Leadmonk ensures every rep gets the same number of meetings—even when cancellations and no-shows happen.

Boost your conversion rate by 150% - Schedule meetings quickly by adding Leadmonk to your website, emails, text messages, WhatsApp, or social profiles. Watch conversion skyrocket by up to 150%.

Boost your win rate by 50% - The average vendor response time for a demo request is 42 hours. Responding within 5 minutes can increase your chances of winning the deal by 50%.

Sample inbound router linked to a webform

Book Meetings Directly From Your Webflow Form

Leadmonk integrates with your Webflow form seamlessly, working its magic behind the scenes to:

  • Qualify leads: Identify hot prospects based on your criteria.
  • Route them to the right rep: Ensure the most relevant salesperson connects with each lead.
  • Display the booking page: Empower leads to schedule meetings directly on your calendar.

Ready to streamline your sales process from your Webflow form? Here's how:

1. Map your webform fields to Leadmonk

In Leadmonk, create a mapping between your webflow form fields and Leadmonk's internal form parameters. This ensures accurate data transfer and seamless qualification.

  • Ensure the form ID used in the Leadmonk inbound router matches the webflow form ID on your landing page.
  • Ensure the form type in the inbound router is "Webform mapping".
  • Make sure all relevant external form properties are mapped to corresponding Leadmonk form properties in the inbound router.
  • Verify that the external form property names specified in the form mapping match your webflow form field/property names exactly.
Webform mapping to Leadmonk

2. Create meeting templates

Define meeting details like duration, type, and location. Think of it as the blueprint for your sales interactions.

Meeting template

3. Set up meeting queues

Create queues based on your team structure or lead distribution preferences. Assign team members responsible for demos or sales calls to each queue. Make sure that meeting queue rules reference the Leadmonk form properties used in the form mapping.

Specify qualifying rules to filter leads based on your ideal customer profile (ICP). If a lead is qualified, they will be routed to the meeting queue that you have specified. If a lead is not qualified, they will be shown a thank you message. The qualification and routing of inbound leads and scheduling meetings happen in real-time. This means that the lead is routed to the appropriate meeting queue as soon as they submit the form.

Sample meeting queue

Leadmonk offers various assignment algorithms for your queues. Choose the one that best fits your team's workflow, whether it's multi-host scheduling or round-robin distribution or optimizing for team member availability.

Meeting assignment algorithms

4. Link the external form and meeting queues to an Inbound Router

Connect your Webform to Leadmonk's router. This tells Leadmonk where to send the data for processing.

Specify the meeting queues that you want to use for the inbound router. You can specify the order of the queues as well here. Queues are processed in the sequence they are placed in the inbound router. Once a queue is processed successfully, further queues processing of inbound lead stops.

Inbound router linked to a webform

5. Embed the Leadmonk code

Copy the Leadmonk embed code and paste it into your website's HTML code, just before the closing </body> tag.

This activates the router, ready to collect data from your form submissions.

Website embed script

Here is how it is going to work

  1. When a user submits the webflow form, the data will be sent to the Leadmonk router.
  2. The router will then use the mapping details in the form you created to map the data to the internal form.
  3. The router will then process the internal form and take the appropriate action.
  4. When lead schedules a sales/demo meeting, it gets updated in your HubSpot/Salesforce CRM against the contact as shown below

When you click on this in app link in HubSpot CRM, you see meeting details page as shown below:

When you click Reassign button on the meeting details page, you see below page to reassign meeting from one sales rep to another sales rep. This option is available only for meetings booked using router. Also reassignment is possible only for active upcoming meeting.

The appointment link is available in the calendar meeting invite, meeting notification emails, text notifications and in CRM. Using this link you/your invitee can view/reschedule/cancel the appointment. Below is one sample appointment details accessed using the appointment link. Each appointment will have a unique URL to view/reschedule/cancel the appointment by invitee/meeting host.

Here minimal branding theme is enabled for your booking page(s) and the appointment details page.

If the professional branding is enabled, appointment details are shown as below. You can customize the branding details as per your requirements.

You can mark a meeting as a no-show in Leadmonk when the invitee(lead) does not attend the meeting and it gets updated in HubSpot as shown below.

When a meeting is cancelled, it gets updated in HubSpot as shown below:

By automating meeting booking, you can:

  • Increase sales efficiency by freeing up your team's time.
  • Improve lead conversion by making it easier for prospects to connect with you.
  • Gain valuable data on lead behavior and preferences.

Reports and Analytics

1. Inbound Router Submissions Report

Inbound router submissions report
Individual router submission processing report

2. Meeting Analytics

3. Meetings Report

The Meetings page in Leadmonk provides a central hub for managing of meetings of yours and your team members (Only admin and owner have access to other team members bookings). Here, you can easily view upcoming and past meetings, filter them by various criteria, and perform actions like rescheduling, canceling, or exporting data.

Meetings report
Meeting details

Additional tips for using Inbound Router for product demo or sales meeting booking

  • Use clear and concise language on your form. This will help leads to understand what information you are collecting and why.
  • Use a variety of lead qualification criteria. This will help you to ensure that you are only routing qualified leads to your sales team.
  • Segment your meeting queues by sales team, product area, or any other criteria that are relevant to your business. This will help you to ensure that leads are routed to the team members who are best equipped to handle them.
  • Monitor your inbound router performance regularly. This will help you to identify areas where you can improve your process.

Book a meeting to know how you can automate booking meetings from your leadgen form on your website.


By using Leadmonk's Inbound Router, you can automate the entire process of booking product demos or sales meetings from your web form, from lead qualification to meeting scheduling. This can free up your sales team to focus on other important tasks, such as closing deals. In addition, automated demo scheduling can help you to improve your lead nurturing and provide a better customer experience.

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